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Sunday, January 8, 2017


It is year 2017 already. In Chinese calendars, 2017 is year of the roosters. I do not believe in fengshui but I tried accessing a site to see what my year of birth, 1969, Year of the Rooster, brings. It says this year is an unlucky year for Roosters, that I should need to pay more attention to my safety and health. 
By chance or by coincidence, I had chicken pox at the start of the year. It is not easy to be sick with chicken pox. The itch, inconvenience and the high cost of medicines are a disaster. I would have better be careful all the time. Suits my new year's resolution to exercise, drink food supplements and sleep early.
My lucky colors according to the chinese calendar are brown, gold and yellow. My lucky numbers are 5,7 and 8 and my lucky days of the month are 4th and 26th.  
It is good to know these details for my year. Makes me think and alert.

Monday, December 26, 2016


Merry Christmas, everyone! As we continue to relish the goodies, decorate every nook and corner of our home, and enjoy the get togetherness, may the joy and festivities continue to radiate in our lives, long after Christmas Day is gone. Take care of your health, everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2016


My daughter gave us a Christmas treat, today. I and her other siblings enjoyed shopping in the mall. Amid many shoppers and long queue at the cashiering section, we bought what we wanted to buy for ourselves. Every year she gets us to a shopping spree. She spends for what we buy. She sets aside her own wants, this time, I knew she wanted to buy a new guitar for Christmas but she just postponed it for next week. Well, if I were to accompany her in buying the guitar, I sure would choose the one with purple guitar strings.  It will look so attractive and not boring.


The month of December approached so fast and it seems to pass by so swift. I happen to attend my first Christmas party this year and it was in my Office. As a choir member, I was honored to sing during the visit of the big wig of my Office, no other than the DILG Secretary, Ismael D. Sueno. It was exciting to sing.It was not a contest this time so there was no hassle, at all. An activity during the day made us exhausted that in the Christmas Party at night we retreated to our Office, changed attire and made ourselves comfortable in the company of co-tired officemates. Spot me in this picture. Clueless?I am the one in green.

Friday, November 25, 2016


It is Christmas time once again. Children are excited because they would be receiving gift, attending parties, help decorating their houses of Christmas tinsels, hear Christmas carols and they thmselves sing Christmas songs. My children, for one, are excited. My daughter will be buying a new guitar from her Christmas bonus. I wish it was a kurt cobain signature guitar. It sure would be sounding great than the old guitar we have at home.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


My last post here was dated September 27. How time flies, it seems it was only last week. Anyway, I am writing to say I miss my blog friends and I miss visiting their sites. One of these days when I am not so busy I am going to blog visit once again. For now, I am saying hi and hello and happy weekend to everyone.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I browsed through my pictures here in my laptop. Got this one for posting. This was taken in Albuera, Leyte, in a local government owned and managed mountain resort. During that time, the resort still had the zipline as one of their adventure experience. The super typhoon Yolanda damaged this zipline and I heard the resort did not restore it yet. The serenity of the place and the panoramic view of the mountains are plus factors of the location of the resort. I hope to be back one day in this resort.

Monday, September 26, 2016


Every October there is a celebration in cities dubbed as "Octoberfest". What I remember of this feast is that there is a line up of events for 16 days to celebrate the month. One activity I attended was a contest of the local wines where I was once one of the board of judges. I had to judge the local wines as to taste, packaging, and promotion. It was sort of a challenge tasting the local wines which have little alcohol content. After the judging, I felt tipsy. A party was held after that with a live band, a special party when it is played with a live band. What with the guitar, saxophone, keyboard, drums and bass the partygoers could not resist dancing including me who was already tipsy. From wines to dancing, Octoberfest is what really it is. Musical bands are in during October. Hence, for musical instruments, interested people can Check Out MF's bass trombone Selection to choose for the best value of their money.