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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Thanks, goodness! I am up again in the blogosphere. Worry-free now that this site will suffer deletion. I totally forgot to pay for the domain name renewal within the period to renew it. In the last minute of its deletion, my host server uplifted me. I am referring to Job Oberio, the owner of He renewed the domain name even without receiving my payment yet. I was only able to pay this afternoon in the bank. I am glad to have paid the two years domain name registration of this site. It will save me from the hassle in going to the bank to pay. Thank you so much, Job. You are so nice even if I had not met you.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


We have a new family member in the house. His name is Digong, our little cute puppy. He is the love of the family. He knows he is pampered. He has no cage and leash for now as he is still approximately two months old. He is on his third day in the house since we bought him. He fed on milk during the first day. Yesterday, we discovered that he loves to eat rice and tuna flakes in oil more than the commercial dog food we bought for him! He loves dog treats and he is such a good eater! He barks at us whenever we eat our meals!What a cutie dog he is! He had not his bath yet as the weather is not warm, lately. He is just cleaned up by way of wet wipes. He has some fleas so we put on him an anti-flea collar. I hope it works on him! He will have his first visit to the vet next week for deworming and later for vaccination. The adorable Digong is a replacement of our demised dog named Barack. Welcome, Digong!

Friday, July 21, 2017


In the recent earthquake that happened in my province, there were a lot of destructions to properties aside from casualties it havoc to people.  Of course, the widespread power black out in my province and in nearby provinces also brought negative consequences to households and negatively impacted the economic sectors but there is one positive consequence I learned out of the power interruption. Families had more time to bond together and talk intently because electronic gadgets and wifi connection was absent or limited. One bonding moment, for example, is singing together. The guitars which were once left to stay alone and dusty in the corner became the center of attraction. Why not? Guitars have quality sound especially those that are with a quality compressor pedal built in on it. The sound of our guitar at home signifies it has a quality compressor pedal. Its sound is a far cry from the cheap guitars sold in cheap musical stores. I sure have the best buy for the cost of my guitar.


Sleeping late in the night recently has been frequent for me. Why? I keep on tweaking my new cell fone for the familiarity of its features. I relish on the feeling of having a new cell fone, excitement runs over me to try on its camera which has a better image resolution than my old cell fone. I now use the earphones, too as I love the sound quality of this new cell fone. I waved goodbye to my two-year old cell fone and handed it down to my younger son. Well, it served me best for the last two years that it was in my possession. But, I found a better alternative and so my new fave is now my new cell fone. I have a bigger data plan now for my new cell fone. Anytime, when needed I could access the internet and other sites as I have a faster access now to the internet. I feel pampered and loved with my new cell fone.

Friday, July 7, 2017


The recent fiesta in my city, Tacloban City, was so festive. There was the parade of lights during the night of June 30. For each cluster of contingents, there was a musical band from the bugle corps of participating schools. Music played a great part in the festivities. I remember way back in high school when I was a member of the bugle corps of my school. We rehearse new dance songs from time to time. I played the clarinet. Every music played does  not go well without the clarinet. There were two of us in the band that played the clarinet. The school provided our clarinets. I wonder if the clarinets were best buy from musical stores that have clarinets for sale. I know of a place to visit that that sells quality musical instruments. Aside from the best quality of musical instrument, there is also the best sound quality. Best value for money, indeed. Next year, I am pretty sure that the street parades will be as good as the recent one or maybe even better than it.

Earthquake in Leyte on July 6

An earthquake shook this part of my province at a magnitude of Intensity V. It happened at 4:03 pm. I was still in the Office when it happened. I had the slightest idea that the earthquake will not have that intensity and duration. The depth of focus was 050. According to Wikipedia, in seismology, the depth of focus or focal depth refers to the depth at which an earthquake occurs. Earthquakes occurring at a depth of less than 70km (43mi) are classified as shallow-focus earthquakes, while those with a focal depth between 70km and 300 km are commonly termed mid-focus or intermediate-depth earthquakes. My goodness, the earthquake that happened in my place was of a shallow depth, however, it caused tremendous damage to many infrastructures and caused casualties to the most number of people. Fear once again gripped among many especially the children and those that have experienced the wrath of the strongest typhoon, Haiyan about four years ago. I hope that they who are most affected will fastly recover.

Friday, June 30, 2017


I love to watch song contests on the television. It connects me to my passion in singing. Singing also binds my family together as my kids love to watch singing contests, too. I and my siblings judge the contestants in our own way. We are also able to judge whether the sound system and the microphones being used are of quality. The national television network we watched today which hold the singing competition over the years now is one which has the best musical instruments. They must have brought their musical instruments from a reputable musical instrument store such as one I know of at .  The real voice of contestants in the contest is what people hear and judging becomes objective. The deserving singer contestant who has the quality voice gets to win and the judges get to enjoy their job of judging.

Friday, June 16, 2017


My family is sad about the loss of our favorite dog named Barack. Barack aged about 7 dog years until his demise. Barack has been loyal and friendly to my family. He protected my family in multiple ways. He provided us with a sense of security every day and night. To strangers, he is unfriendly and snob, and with his loud voice, he barks steadily. He disliked being caged and tied. He wanted no restriction on his movements. We confined him inside our gate but he would go out at the very least opportunity. He was a survivor of the strongest Typhoon Yolanda. He had a scare of rains and thunders after that typhoon until his demise. He insisted on coming inside the house damaging the door and windows screen whenever the door is not freely opened to him. Last Monday, July 12, Independence Day we did not know it was his last day with us. He had to be shot to death because he had acted strange and mad. He bitten off to death his cat friend, bitten my two sons, too. We could only speculate on the things that had happened to him. He must have been poisoned by a neighbor that affected his brain. Or he must have been bitten off by a rabid dog. We miss you Barack!