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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Me and my siblings are such musically inclined people.  I owe it from my father's genetics. My father used to spend time during Sundays at the house of a cousin who has a band.  He sings while his cousins play the instruments where they are pro. As a little girl then, it was my dream to acquire all musical instruments and create my own band.  However, it did not materialize until now.  Anyway, I remember this mandolin being played by my blind uncle.  He was amazingly playing the mandolin perfectly that he could even beat anyone who could see. He can replace the mandolin bridge with accuracy and speed.  I love the sound of mandolins.  I have this mandolin way back in my high school days and it was given to my blind uncle when he transferred and lived in another city. I have not heard a word about him since then but I am pretty sure that he still play a lot of musical instruments until now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Until I went home in the late afternoon from office today, I was still thinking about the auditors from an international non-government organization who came for an audit of the funds it had downloaded to the local government unit I am presently assigned.  They were six looking odd and emotionless and unfriendly fellows. During the initial interaction with them, they projected an aloof attitude and it remained that way until the closing of office hours today.

They have occupied my office space and so I gave way and shared space in the office next to mine for the whole day.  The morning was hot and humid inside my office as the airconditioner was not allowed to be used yet while the electrician was fixing the damaged power meter.  The airconditioner was only made available in the afternoon and so I went inside my office to tell them they can already switch on the circuit breaker and the airconditioning unit. To my frustration, not one ever talked to me, to say thank you at least. I find them strange and weird. Why can't they ever appear friendly? If its a protocol to them to remain aloof to their clients so they won't be a bit influenced on their audit, why they can still achieve this aim without appearing like robots. I still believe that smooth interpersonal relations matters a lot in any field of work. I stress this importance especially when strangers in a place and when resources in that area are being used, such as my office. I hope to find them already wearing a slight smile, at the least, on their faces tomorrow.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


A message in my inbox made me happy this morning. The promised financial assistance to government employees whose houses were affected by Typhoon Yolanda will come to reality, at last. It will be funded under the President's Social Fund. With requirements such as the summary of expenses duly attested to by the Punong Barangay in my place and a certification that I am the lone member from among my household who can avail of this financial assistance, the funds will be released to me once the funds shall have been downloaded to my office.  I hope this fund, albeit long overdue,  will be released soon so I can use this for the schooling expenses of my children. I have already made some repairs to my house using my personal funds, so this amount will be a sort of reimbursement to my expenses.


Summertime is a time to enroll my kids in music lessons. It is a time to while their time. My sons are into enhancing their musical skills. For my elder it is playing the organ while for the younger it is playing the drums. My eldest daughter, who is now a police officer, has stopped her acoustic guitar lessons. In fairness, she plays and sings through acoustic guitar almost real and identical as the original guitarist and singer she mimics. She has improved a lot through constant practice. The acoustic guitar I bought for her is worth the money I paid for it. My elder son is now also practicing playing guitar. Constant practice with his friends and before the guitar lessons in the internet will make him like a pro guitarist. I hope my younger son will follow suit. When my kids get experts in their musical instruments, I can be their singer. I am lucky to have a family of music lovers.


It has been a long while since I got here in my site again. Internet connection hampers me to do the posting. I am using my pocket wifi only and most of the time it is not having a fast connectivity.

Well, what I like to blog here now is about my birthday celebration. It was a special and touching celebration away from home. I was at a Cebu City hotel in a 5-day live-in seminar as one of the resource speakers with heads of municipal departments as participants. After dinner, a "socials" party followed. There was a videoke instrument and so I sang a song. After my song, the surprise part followed. It turned out to be a party celebration for me. Lights turned off, a jolly birthday song played in the room and the elective officials came to the center space of the room with a candle lighted birthday cake.  Everybody was singing a birthday song and so I stood up, headed to the center, made a birthday wish, blow the birthday cake and accepted it. I felt ecstatic on that moment. Never had I celebrated my debut party. I felt the feeling of having a debut party that time. I heartily thanked everyone for making my day. It was my first to experience a surprise birthday party.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Life begins at 40, so the adage goes.  I am half believing this in the context of health challenges. At 40 man's metabolism gets slower that with an unhealthy lifestyle could get one into big health trouble.  It is so important to have self-discipline in terms of food and drinks intake. Exercise and detoxification helps. Some people are a living testimony of the benefits of magnetic bracelets that are good for the health.  It is worth a try, why not? Let me try it for myself. After all, if it work wonders for others, it will work for me, too.


I am enjoying my new android cellphone. I downloaded a handful of apps that would be so useful to me in my daily tasks at work, home and in my businesses.  This morning I downloaded three free fiction books that I can read in my spare time. I can't wait to start reading one book tonight.  Reminds me to buy a new SD card tomorrow for more storage space in my mobile unit. Also, I shall buy a power bank to charge mobile unit. Power goes off faster due to frequent calls and surfing in the net. I really love and enjoy my new android mobile unit, it is beyond bore.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Ever had this bad experience with Cebu Pacific Airlines? Last December i purchased online, using my credit card, airline tickets for Manila. As typhoon Ruby was looming to make a landfall on the day where we will be in Manila, i cancelled the trip for all three of us, two other are my officemates, on that scheduled trip. With the cancellation made online, out of the over forty thousand pesos total cost of the fare, eight thousand pesos was deducted as cancellation fee. The remaining amount after deducting the 8thousand cancellation fee was made as travel fund.  This travel fund expires in ninety days.  How ridiculous, it is. When i recently used my travel fund for a trip to manila, an amount of one thousand six hundred eighty was charged for name change fee. This is more ridiculous. How could it charge me for name change fee when i was the one traveling?This i personally complained to the cebu pacific office and it is such a hassle to do it as it would take about two hours for them to finally settle with an answer that the amount for name change fee will be given back to me as travel fund. Whew, i would never like to travel again with cebu pacific nor recommend future group bookings with this airline.To me, its system socks.