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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Time flies so fast. A few months more and I am finished with my doctorate subjects. I am enrolled in the last subject offered for the doctorate program and next would be my dissertation and comprehensive exam.  I am aiming to finish by the month of October, this year. Wow, when I graduate how I wish to have a gift bought at for Tag Heuer Carrera gift items.  I would be so happy to receive the gift as it is worth all the hard work spent on this doctorate studies. I am eyeing a gift item on this site, however, I will only set my eyes on it for now. When I will have the money, either comes first, the graduation gift or money saved for the precious gift item I have in mind, I will surely get what I want. I am crossing my fingers on it and I will work for it to happen.


I am now in Cebu City for a speaking engagement starting tomorrow until Friday.  It feels good to be in a place free from traces of typhoon destructions. Foremost, I enjoy the fast internet connection access provided by the hotel to my laptop.  Apparently, I am enjoying the wifi connection because from night right after dinner until this early morning I am still awake scouring the blogosphere and the web world.  I am not mindful of the time even if I still have a speaking engagement tomorrow morning. Well, I hope to explore the net more and I can't get enough of it. I hope to still sleep even for only a couple of hours before my speaking engagement.  I just love it here in Cebu City, because of the fast wifi connection which I have been deprived in Tacloban City, after typhoon Yolanda striked.

Monday, March 3, 2014


A live band performed three weeks after the Typhoon Yolanda brought damage to the settlements and buildings in my province including the town where I am assigned at present. The concert was sponsored by a charitable donor.  The residents were somehow redirected from their state of distress.  The live band was superb.  Every member of the band are awesome especially the drummer who have floor tom legs in drum mounts. There is just a peculiarity in the way he plays the drum or is it the floor tom legs mounted in his drum? Well, for whatever it is, the town residents had a blast for one night.


What a way to enjoy an internet connection while sipping iced tea or any juice drinks in the hotel where I went this afternoon with a friend. The hotel is right within the heart of the city. I met with a friend in this hotel to talk about my insurance advisorship and I was glad with the fast wifi connection the hotel has. The hotel has very reasonable restaurant food rates. I am sure to be back there within this week. I hope to bring there a client.


Music lover? There are now new innovations on how your favorite music could be played in different gadgets. For instance, there is now the cheap novation launchpad which I do not have yet. I just keep on hearing about this from  my friends. I am not a techy person when it comes to recording, sharing, importing, mixing and remixing music. However, with the novation launchpad these things may be easier for me to do than say. I should start learning how to tweak my musical gadgets, for a change.


Just as I suspected my laptop was really infected with viruses.  I bought an anti virus last year and had only installed it successfully today.  The activation code could not be successfully encoded without an internet connection the reason why it was only installed now.  A stream of viruses were detected and cleaned when a scan was made in the whole computer system.  It really pays to have an updated anti virus to a laptop otherwise the life span of the laptop will be shortened.  Also, the files you have exerted efforts to store will be in the risk of being infected.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I was just mentioning about problems in my previous posts and here I am again mentioning about them.  I am glad that I don't engage in drugs as my coping mechanism.  For some, it is their coping mechanism.  However, the bad part of it is the addiction.  There are although treatment like opiate drug detox to treat the addiction for drugs but it is still best to avoid engaging in illegal drugs.  It helps though that there are effective treatments for those who are addicted to drugs. These drugs can be accessed at a mouse click away.  More than drugs however, it is the person who is receiving the treatment to have the willingness to be treated, otherwise all treatments will be futile.


Since the Super Typhoon Yolanda, everything has not been normal. Psychologically, it is traumatic since everywhere you see is associated with the effects of Yolanda.  Minor problems encountered is aggravated because the stress is always there and it is immediately aggravated by any minor problems.  When these would end is an uncertain phenomenon.  I was driving this morning when I just sobbed and cry because of a problem I remember.  The triggering element that made me cry was the big pile of debris and many small children were scavenging through them.  How hard and difficult life is. It is full of problems and stresses.  However, I came to think that I am still lucky and the people around me are still lucky because we are in good physical health.  There are many whose problems are bigger than what I have. It is a reason for me to somehow feel fine and go on with my day. I might as well meet with my friends later in the afternoon and have coffee with them.