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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Christmas songs are now aired in the radios and played in television. In many places, people are now rehearsing for the songs to be used in Christmas caroling which starts in December 16. Band members would gather and install their band apparatuses such as guitars, trumpet, keyboard, drums and ahead drum cases. Some would have violins and clarinets, too.  The more musical instruments, the merrier.  It is exciting and relaxing to hear a band sing Christmas carols. Makes one forget his hardships in life and instead thank for a year of victory and hopes for a brighter year ahead.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Those who have less in life should have more. I am referring to the marginalized sectors in the community who have less knowledge on the risks posed by hazards on their lives, their livelihood, their settlements and on their possessions. Knowledge is power so these people have to be empowered on the right things to do before calamities, man-made or natural, strike a disaster. Community awareness can never be late.  This was what kept me busy these past two Saturdays and Sundays. Managing a Community Awareness on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. Together with trained personnel from the Bureau of Fire Protection and of the Philippine Red Cross, the activity was successful attended by a big number of community people. It feels good to have been part of this noble undertaking which aims to have a safe, adaptive and disaster resilient Filipino communities.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 Music plays a very important role in every one's life.  Each person has its own story to tell regarding the goodness of having music in his life. I have a share of my stories, too.  Music to me is a way of life. It is an integral part of my personality.  It is unusual, if I will not sing in music Karaoke Television (KTVs), if I will not turn on the car stereo on my way to my destination points and if I will not watch the Music Television (MTV) during Sundays. Lately then, I have been missing these music sorties as I need to buy a new entertainment set. It has been destroyed during the typhoon. I looked for an entertainment and music players online and I had just clicked on a site saying Send for our free catalog. When I have acquired this music entertainment it would be an early Christmas gift. The house will be filled again with singing every weekends in the coming days.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Health and wellness are my concerns and should be every one's too especially those at age 40's.  Lack of concern for health has no room to play if one likes to avoid health problems in the near future. The body's metabolism, meaning, the ability of the body to burn out fat and nutrients become slower than when younger. One frequently wonders and says he eats lesser amounts of food than before but he does not go thin after all.  Slow body metabolism is the answer to this.  The body's ability to burn fats cholesterol and other nutrients in the body goes less quicker with age.  So, good luck and congrats to those who really have the zeal to practice healthy lifestyle for healthy living.


My one year old car needs some seat upholstery.  Relatively, it is still presentable. However, it does not look dainty to me anymore.  The seats, the back seat especially, received all sorts of spills from beverages and food as well as mess from bags and grocery items put on top of the seat.  I wanted it replaced with a new seat cover and a beautiful and cozy one like that at couch cushions from  I can now imagine the customized cushion cover I would like to don on the car seat covers.  I will make the cushions look according to my style and comfort. Most of all, it will have a feminine touch and look.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


What an unfortunate day it was for me. I lost my gold bracelet that costs more than tens of thousands. It got lost on my way home from Cebu City. Lesson learned out of it is to never ever wear genuine jewelries while on travel.  The lock of that bracelet must have been accidentally opened as I was putting off and on my backpack.  I noticed its loss an hour after arrival at home.  I made efforts to locate it at the car of an officemate who gave me a lift from airport to home but it was not there in the car.  I felt sad about it as I lost a precious investment.  I hope whoever finds it will use the bracelet for the good of his family.

Monday, September 1, 2014


It is all in the package.  This is what I usually hear everywhere. In party invitations, what is attractive in the venue is the physical arrangements.  The furniture, the curtains, the venue painting should match with the table linens.  It is sometimes difficult to look from closets and drawers whether you have premier table linens that match the venue furniture, curtains or paintings.  Well, premiere table lines could be obtained in just a mouse click.  Table linens are not a problem where to look  for, Just a click here and this will direct to a site of premiere table linens. Select from a variety of table linens that suit your taste.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


This month of September, I am eyeing a new celfone.  I would like to pamper myself with a new communication gadget. This is for the hard days work I have been doing all these years. I would like to own a high end celfone but for practical reasons I will only buy one that is averaged price and can download as many applications as I would like to download,. Gee, I am already excited. This is going to be an early Christmas present for me.