Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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Friday, December 26, 2008


The derailed family getaway yesterday to a beach resort did not hamper our christmas day enjoyment. After watching a local comedy movie, we went to the department store where we passed by a digital photo studio. We went in for a family picture taking. It is a good souvenir for this year's christmas. My two sons, elder in red is 13 years old  and younger in green is 12 years old. Beside me in yellow shirt is my daughter who is 20 years old. If you will ask where the father is, he lives in Cebu eight years now and our marriage has been declared null and void by the court. Me and my kids have moved on since then and we live happy without him.    

Monday, December 22, 2008


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Friday, December 19, 2008


I am sad for the many filipino overseas workers who were sent home from Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Taiwan and in many other parts of the world as a result of the streamlining of posistions by companies who were affected by the economic crisis. Some of them went home with only a few monies left due to the unexpected termination. I know they are happy to be with their families but the offshoot of this would not be good as they will belong to the unemployed sectors of the society. I know they will cope, as filipinos are great with coping during hard times.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


When I was a little kid and my brothers and sisters were going to school, how I always wished that I was going to school, too. I love to see them read their books at home, recite a declamation and sing their classroom songs. I mimic their oral reading and I was so amused they could read and write. There were even two pages in my brothers book that he used to read aloud that I memorized. I boasted to my father that I know how to read but he laughed when he noticed that I was holding the book upside down.

My father sensed the eagerness in me to learn, so he taught me how to write and he read to me books and magazines. He read to me magazines that developed my creativity, imagination and reading comprehension. My father was a good teacher and his reading instrument was the Children's Highlights Magazine. He passed on to me his hobby of reading Highlights. I could say that like him, I Was A Highlights Kid, too.  I remember he would read to me in the porch using the lamp because there was no electric power, yet or maybe if there was my parents could not afford to pay.  My brothers and sisters are avid readers of Highlights, too. Now, I am so glad I was a reader of Hihglight magazine because it honed my verbal ability and reading comprehension as my father would ususally ask us questions regarding what we read. 

In the present world, parents should inject to their children the value of reading magazines and not just purely bystanding over the computer for games. Highlight Magazine is a good educational resource.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Storm Ulyses is still within the country's vicinity bringing gusty winds and cold winds adding to the cold December wind especailly at night. Since it  brings gusty winds, the seas are so rough which have cost the lives of about 23 who died in a sunken boat just 50 meters away from the docking terminal. I remember December and January have rough seas always whenever I travel to Cebu then. The storm is of a relatively strong speed but weather forecasts says that it will divert its path tomorrow to the Pacific seas.     


It is very interesting to read and learn about history. During my college days, I love the history subject because whenever it is a very enriching subject to know the past events that have happened in a particular era, to recognize the people who are responsible and behind the sucess and fall of a particular happening, to relate why such things are happening at the present times and to learn lessons out of the stories of people may those stories be good or bad, to apply at present those things that are worthy of immitation and to avoid the things that are not worthy enough to be immitiated. 

I was reading at regarding the The truth about holodomor of 1932-1933.  This site presents scholarly arguments and facts about the 'Golodomor' in the Soviet Union. One argument says that the Soviet famine of 1932-1933 that affected most major grain-producing agricultural areas of the Soviet Union, including Northern Caucasus, Volga Region, South Urals, West Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine may have been designed as an attack on Ukraine, and therefore, should fall under the legal definition of genocide meaning it was a systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group. On the other hand, another argument by European Parliament in its resolution on 23 October 2008 rejected to call the famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine as an act of genocide. If what it really is, you visit its site. 


I have been talking to a long time friend who I met three years ago in Cebu. Her husband works as an overseas worker and it was sad to hear that the fruits of the her husbands labor which part of it was made to buy a 200 square meters of land in Cebu was found out bought from a hoax owner. In desperation she called me up and was soliciting my advice. I can't blame her for being too trusting. I am like her too in most instances. Too bad, she met a scrupulous person and I adviced her to sue the person to get back the big amount of money her husband toiled overseas.   

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Many products nowadays have a good buzz in the market because of intensive advertisements over the TV, radio and over the newspapers. Some of them are pretty good and are really trusted to provide the best services and or quality but however, there are some products and services, which only look good and best in advertisements but are the opposite when procured. You can avoid this situation when you register at is a consumer network that connects you with people who use the same phone,  people who play the same game, people who eat at the same restaurant, people who drive the same car, people who visit the same place, people who read the same book and people who use the other products that you like, too. At Acobay you are assured that the products and services you like to buy are guaranteed at their best based from the people itself who have used the same products and services.

At Acobay you can have the opportunity, too to share the joy in getting you dreamed stuffs, how much and why you like the stuff and why you don't like the stuff. At Acobay you become part of the community of consumers and show off what you have. You can win friends, too in the process.  So, if I were you, you will register now. Register at 

Friday, December 12, 2008


As early as now there are carollers outside our gate. Young boys and girls living outside our home subdivision come for carolling. I was surpised because it is so soon for carolling. Traditionally, carollings are made starting December 16, the start of mesa de gallo (midnight mass or rooster's mass) and simbang gabi until December 24.  Anyway, it is Christmas time and it is time for sharing. The kids are most happy to receive candies or cash coming from the house where they had carolling. Me here shared a few pesos.      

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Are you a person that feels burned out with daily chores and you feel no excitement and meaning to everything that you are doing? Or maybe, every thing seems so big for you to handle that you just flare up so easily and shout at anybody for minor mistakes? If you are revealing these symptoms, you need to manage your stress. You need help from The Stress Institute, a lifestyle company that provides solutions and practices in the fields of stress management, work and life balance, sustainability and mindful living to corporations, non-profits and individuals. It is an institute for stress and anxiety and is comprised of prominent physicians and professionals in a variety of stress and work/life balance related disciplines. If you are interested, visit its site at

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


History may repeat itself that is why the government has a proactive stance on criminalities that may surge in this coming christmas holidays. It could be remembered that in the past two years there have been bombing attacks made by terrorists on public transports and public infrastructure that caused a number of human and property casualties. I am happy that the police authorities are imposing stringent measures now on railway transits and on other public infrastructure facilities. Of course, the help and cooperation of the public is highly solicited. It is for the public's welfare, anyway.   


Are you a security conscious person? Well, there is nothing wrong with being one. It always pays to be secure than be sorry. If you like to have additional security device in your store for example, then you have a security camera installed inside your store to catch any unscrupulous people. In your house this can be installed, too. Where to buy? Buy it atSecurity Cameras Direct. It offers great prices on a huge selection of security cameras and related products.  Visit its site at and see some great deals possible.


Today is the start of parties for December that I am supposed to attend. We have an official activity today at my mother station and at the same time a "despideda" party to an officemate who is retiring in December 31.  Tomorrow, we will have again a party at our Regional Office until December 12. Wow, eating times are here. I should be on watch with my diet.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Children and adults alike nowadays are hooked to computer games and they spend much time on it. I have an officemate who always complains about her child who spend most of his free time in malls to play his favorite online omputer games. Aside from computer games, there is another internet craze now that will help develop the imagination and will improve the reading ability and comprehension of children. This site is It is an online reading site where children can read their anime stories characterized by their fvorite anime characters. This is an online comics full of action, adventure and fantasy. They will truly enjoy reading all the exciting read bleach chapters.  


I have been singing today during our choir practice without any vocalization.As a result my throat was strained and I am sligthly hoarsed voice. I have weak, scratchy or husky voice now.

I searched on the proper treatment for hoarse voice. In my research it says that complete voice rest is mandated (such as no talking, coughing, straining, whispering, laughing, etc. If talking is absolutely necessary, talk much like one would if the person is directly in front of you in the lobby of a library, but do NOT whisper. Talk in a quiet, low pitch. Do NOT whisper or try to talk such that you aim for a normal voice which would further risk damaging your voice. Remember, rest your voice and drink plenty of liquids.

Monday, December 8, 2008


You know what's new in the webmail today? A new zimbra powered webmail is in now and it is You won't anymore problem about slow traffic because this webmail is open for registration within United States only so you will not worry for foreign traffic and you will be provided with unlimited storage, fully customized preferences and mobile access and you can add external accounts. So, what are you waiting for? Join Today! 

Thursday, December 4, 2008


When I got sick I admit one factor why I got sick is attributed to my lack of regular exercise. I don't like to be sick most of the times, so I resolved to make a way to make exercise through my favorite sports, table tennis. Yesterday, I let the carpenter come and make the table tennis stand. I have an extra wood board here and I will utilize it as our table tennis board. Later, I will buy table tennis sports set so I and my kids can start playing. I can teach them to play table tennis in the process. 


I am excited about this site I have bumped into that offers Personalized Gifts  by transforming any picture into art with over 50 photo art styles to choose from.  One has the option to print the pictures on canvas art or printing the photos on art paper or art print. The site is and it can produce art on stretched canvas, rolled canvas, framed art print or even art posters at a very affordable price. For more information, read this:

Press Release:


-- Just a Few Minutes of Fun to Create, and Less than a Week to Receive From -- 

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Photofiddle offers numerous styles for both contemporary and conservative tastes. Simply upload and recreate a typical 3" x 5” snapshot into a compelling canvas piece or framed on archival photo paper in virtually any size. With over 70 instant designs from pop art to impressionist to choose from online, any photo design can be instantly shared with friends and family members in digital form, prior to ordering. And, because fiddling with several dozen designs and styles is lots of fun, gift certificates are available online, so recipients can fiddle their own photos for themselves. 

With prices starting as low as $14.95 there is Photofiddle artwork available for any budget. Order by Dec. 18 in time for receipt before December 25. 

PhotoFiddle, headquartered in Melville, New York, which PC Magazine gave 4 stars, on the Oprah O list, offers 4 day turnaround on customized photo-artwork that users design online, at far less cost than custom framers or home design professionals. For more information visit: 
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I am happy to hear people getting married but I am not happy to hear young teens getting married. One of the youth leaders in my workstation went to me asking if she still qualify as a youth leader since she got married recently and was four months preggy. She is just 17 years old. Well, her pregnancy and marriage will not affect her leadership but I just urge her to continue on her studies.


The video is my entry to the sumobackupblog on Data Loss Horror Stories. This story happened when my computer bogged down containing all the election documents I was supoosed to submit to the national government for data banking at the national level because the elections was a nationally funded one. Since my computer bogged down, I lagged behind in the submission of the reports. I would not want the same thing to happen all over again, when there is a measure for it to be avoided.


I woke up to a beautiful day. In contrast to yesterday, the sun is up and the skies are clear blue. Thanks for the sunlught because my son's bed need to be dried outside as the rain coming from his window soaked his bed. I hope this weather continues throughout the day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Pairs of eyeglasses whether prescribed by an opthalmologist or whether it is just for eyefashion wear are soaring up in its prices. I know this because when I bought a pair of eyeglasses for my mother, after the eye specialist examined my mother's eyes she prescribed eyeglasses that was worth a considerable amount. Well, we were left with no option but to buy because we were already there. Little did I know that there are eyeglasses that are of a quality product but are  too cheap in prices.

I am referring to Zenni Optiocal eyeglasses that has been featured in the Fox News and recently these cheap optical glasses were featured at Chicago Tribune.  Zenni Optical has revolutionized the eyeglasses industry with its cost effective pricing on its selling of stylish prescription glasses online from $8. They have a variety of frames for you to choose from, from eyeglasses with single vision lens to sunsensorlens, from tinted sunglasses lens to bifocal lens and to eyeglasses with progressive lens. The very cheap price of its eyeglasses is owing to the fact they manufacture and sell their own eyeglasses and frames direct to its customers, leaving no middleman to pay for whch can add to the costing of the price of eyeglasses if there was such. so, if you are going to buy a new eyeglasses, try to visit online at and by yourself a cheap but quality eyeglases.


December 3 already and I am anticipating a very busy week ahead. I have a training on December 16 and I have to prepare a lot of things for that training. This will be the last for this year and after that a series of Christmas parties will ensue. So guys, please bear with me if I can't visit your sites. When I am home, my body just wants to rest so I seldom can bloghop. Promse, when I have free time, I will see you all in my blog roll.    


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I have a very poor network connection. The intermittent disruption is so inconvenient because sometimes it gets disconnected at a time when I am trying to grab a task form PPP. Lost big pay outs becuase of this. This has been goin on for days. There are only two network connections to choose from in my place.   I will see what I can do with this present network connection. 

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Since I was a kid I am a music fanatic. I don't know for what reason, I could memorize the songs I love just by listening to it. I have friends who have the same craze, too. We most often have a beauty contest game and the search had criteries similar to a genuine beauty pagent. When it was time for me to showcase my talent, I used to sing and dance. I mimic what the usual artists do in singing and dancing. Being a winner did not matter as long as we and our neighbour audiences were entertained. My favorites singers were those who can sing and dance and who are pop singers. 

There are emerging pop singers nowadays that you can down load their songs to your electronic gadgets. The site at It is where you can download top singles, songs & albums of R&B, hip hop, pop, rock, jazz,  and trance music. If you like to listen to pop music you can download to your MP3 britney spears music.  Almost all her songs are hits on MTV and other popular music channels. Today you have great opportunity to download her albums, tracks and songs with high quality via instant online access. You can as well read her biography to know more about her.

The same goes through with your other favorite singers. You can download their albums, tracks and songs with the same quality too using the site. It would be nice to play your downloaded music to friends during  gatherings in school or in parties. It is also great to play it when you are travelling and you have your MP3 with you and you play it using your earphones. Dont tarry, grab this this opportunity. Music gives life to life. Download your favorites now and enjoy life. 


It is Sunday and most people go to the beach for a swim. Children love to swim in the beach and boy, their adrenalin is great that they can stay in the eaters even for the whole day. If accidentally, your child gets a jellyfish sting, here is what you should do:
1. Rinse the area immediately with saltwater. Do not use fresh water and do not rub; it will release more poison.

2. Splash vinger, alchol, or meat tenderizer dissolved in saltwater on the area to neutralize the poison.

3. Remove any attached tentacles carefully. Protect youyr hand with a towel and apply a paste of sand or baking soda and saltwater tot he area. Scrape the tentacles off with the cloth or the edge of a crdit card.

4. Apply for a calamine lotion to releive pain and itching.

Nikon BDC Slam Hunter's Package

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I had a long Saturday. Having classes for almost the whole day is so tiring. I was glad that in the afternoon there was a forum in school about the launching of a peer-reviewed journal; the class was made to attend the forum. I headed home even when the forum was not done yet.  I can't imagine myself sitting in school from 8am-6:30 in the afternoon. Anyway, I just put in mind that I have to graduate  soon so I need a little sacrifice. And, that includes spending only one day of the weekend to spend quality time with my kids. When I have graduated in March, I will have all the time with them.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Honda motorcycle parts

Are you in search of honda motorcycle parts? Then look any further visit Cruiser Customizing. Com, they provide a one-stop shop for all the accessories that are currently available for you bike. From the helpful ideas from riders you will be guarantee to find out what works, what doesn’t work, what’s hot and what’s not.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


My brother complains of his son still bedwetting even at the age of 6. Well, bedwetting is common among young children. Most will outgrow the problem by age 6 to 8 as their bladders grow larger and bladder control improves. Bed wetting is rarely caused by urinary tract infection or emotional problems.

So, I told my brother to  limit the child drinks during the two hours before bedtime and to remind the child to get up during the night to urinate. It may help to provide a bedside potty chair and night light may help.  I also told him to reward the child for dry nights.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Looking back, I can't help to compare the way of living now and thirty years ago. It was a slow paced life thirty years ago,  less stress for many, and people valued good morals on themselves and against other people. With the turn of time, that scenario became exactly the opposite. Today life is so fast-paced, stressful and less people value good morals. Less and less people stop to smell the flowers, less and less people heard the chirping of the birds and less and less people lived to care for other people but themselves. When extreme trials are encountered a great depression sinks in and in most cases because of utter neglect to the value of life, end their own lives.  

The time is not yet late. There is still time to renew and transform the lives of many who are greatly affected by depression.  A Mindful Living TV, created by Dr. Kathleen Hall, internationally recognized lifestyle expert in stress and work and life balance, is a program which will to entertain, enrich and educate the viewers on how to bring meaning to their lives and to live mindfully everyday.  This is a TV program that will wake up and stir the attention to life of those who are and who are prone to be overbooked, overworked and overwhelmed. Mindful Living is learning to experience life instead of riding it like a runaway train avoiding stress and hassles in the process.. If you are interested, get in touch at 


For this yuletide season, people should watch over their diet. With the many invites to parties in the neighborhood, to houses of family friends, and in the office, excess calorie intake can't be avoided. This only entails right self-discipline. Try to take only a little of everything. If you will overdo at every party, expect excess gain weight. Physical exercises may do help to burn excess calories. Remember to be always be cautious with your health.


Three heads are better than one. This golden adage holds true in planning for a particular project where many people's ideas are better than just one mind thinking over the subject.  Planning sessions usually happen between two or more people who are gathered to an assembly place, to sit down, and brainstorm.  There is a new way now to hold a project planning session and this is through the MindMeister - Collaborative Online Mind Mapping. MindMeister brings the concept of mind mapping to the web, using its facilities for real-time collaboration. This allows a brainstorming by users in different rooms or from fellow MindMeisters from around the globe. Users can create, manage and share mind maps online and access them at anytime and from anywhere. Users who are simultaneously brainstorming over the same mind map from different computers need not log out to see the changes they have worked on the same mind map as they can see each other's changes as they happen in real time.

Now, if you like more friends to contribute any idea to your project, the user can invite more friends by sending them an email with a link and depending on what access the user will given them, they can contribute or just read. The map can be shared to the whole world at the users option and it can be integrated into the users blog or website. 

For individuals, business entrepreneurs and academicians out there, get this most innovative web-based mind mapping applications available today. This online project mapping is guaranteed clear and easy to use and is a superior online outliner service. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This is a good news. As I log in to compose a post, I noticed that at last all my missing tools and icons are restored. I thank blogger for looking after the posts of each blogger concerning their services. What can I say but a very big thank you, to you. You make my blogging convenient, again.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I had posted in my My Daily Thoughts and Moods, about the missing blogger tools and icons like the icons to link, bold, italize, and add a video and like wise the edit HTML and Compose tabs. I missed it for about a week but now I have them back. However, I am still missing the icons to center, align, right, left, justify, font, and text size. I am happy though, that at least some have been restored for now. I did not switch to any other browsers as I have learned in my search over the net that switching to other browsers by some who had the same experience did not guarantee the return of those missing tools and icons. Thank you, Blogger. Please restore the other still missing tools and icons to complete them in my bogger dashboard.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Accidents do happen in the roads. If it happens that your car meets an accident or any road mishap or it collides with another car your car's condition will be a problem to restore it back to its pre-accident condition. Now, it is no longer a problem because there is a car collision repair experts you can rely on. Fix Auto Collission Repair Experts is the largest network of collision repair experts. It is proven and tested by many who availed of their services. Never compromise the looks of your car. Get only the quality and tested.


I love the Christmas lights bought by my daughter for our Christmas tree. She bought a durable one, not one that is disposable aftyer one year of use, to protect our safety. There have been news of fires in houses caused about by christmas lightings. We don't compromise our safety so she bought a durable and safety one. It was quite expensive though, but it pays to be extra careful.


When wrong decisions in life by members of our family are made there is nothing more we can do but to offer them our love and understanding. Let us show our love by bringing them to treatment centers like Promises Treatment Center. Promises is an alcohol rehabilitationcenter and it likewise treats addiction of other variety of drugs and substances, including cocaine, codeine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, oxycodone, and many others. In no time at all, we can bring our loved ones back to his normal life.


Stucked at home. That's what I am now because I am sick. I was just listening to good music as I blog whenever I felt my body can. Don't you know that in olden times times, studies proved that there are good effects of music when a person is sick, during and after surgery. Music helps to relax during recovery and many said that they felt less of a need for anesthesia. Soft, tonal music was particularly effective. Listening to slow Baroque or classical music several days prior to surgery and hearing it again in the recovery room reduces postoperative disorientation. In another study conducted to children aged seven to seventeen with ADD or ADHD, a playing of Mozart during thrice-weekly neurofeedback sessions for some of the subjects and nothing for the others discovered that those who listened to Mozart reduced their theta brain waves in exact rhythm to the underlying beat of the music, and displayed better focus and mood control, diminished impulsivity, and improved social skills.

This is what I am doing now to help me relax and be well.


When I started blogging, I loved visiting and reading other's blogs. I read once in one of my blogger friends' post that she hated it when she saw a picture she took being used by another blogger. She was quite sure it was her picture because the background and everything all looked similar to the picture that she took and she posted in her blog. Understandably she was mad, because she was never asked permission that her posted picture will be used by another blogger. To me, it is really ridiculous. It is even a violation of the intellectual property rights. Since that time on, that blogger friend of mine always scribble her name on all pictures she take. That was right, though, so that plagiarism will be avoided. Now, bloggers will not worry anymore where to get pictures to post on their blogs. There is that collects, screens, and hosts quality pictures for bloggers. This will be a great help for bloggers. You need not worry to be charged with plagiarism because all images are properly licensed, optimized, and ready to use with blogs. To add a picture to blog post, what a blogger needs to do is simply copy and paste the blog pictures given image code, without downloading, resizing, uploading the image file. The good news is aside from the images being so easy and simple to copy and paste,it is free! C'mon bloggers, visit this site and avail of free and beautiful images like the one I posted here.


I am not in the mood to blog but here I am before my computer. I am sick until now but I can't help to blog. When I can free myself out of the blanket always wrapped in my body and I feel I can manage to get up, I go to my computer to check on my tasks. This is really addicting. You just can't stop despite your sickness. You know who does the bloghopping, its my sons sometimes. But, of course after a few visits only because they hurriedly play their online games. I hope to be completely well, soon so I can visit you all personally.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


The fast pace of modern technology nowadays lefts out many who individuals who are still novice in the use of new technology equipments. The invention too of modern equipments today are designed to provide ease and comfort to users and to convenience to very busy people. Fortunate enough that there is Digital Landing that serves as an information website giving consumers valuable information regarding living in the Digital Age. Like for example, if you want to know whther you are giving the best from your High-Speed Internet Services, Digital Landing has developed a few tests to measure and compare the speed and performance of your Boradband Internet connection. This and other information, articles, FAQ’s and video tutorials along with a search engine to look for and order services from all the leading Providers around the Country are few of the services offered by Digital Landing. Visit its site now for more information.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hi guys. I have not been updating here lately. I am just pushing my self to do some tasks and when my body complains I get to lie down immediately. I even report to work but like today I went home after lunch so I can rest. Tomorrow, I shall have to be at the office again for I have an appointment at 8:30. I shall be back home in the afternoon to rest. When I will not be fine till Friday, I guess I shall have to be confined in the hospital. May my angels watch over me and my children if I get confined. Being a single mother is not an easy task. You shall always be fine to give them strength. Although I appear to be fine to them at home, I am sick inside. The image here is my angel, the big one, an antique collection I bought recently.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Due to the inclement weather I guess, I got colds and headache and slight fever. I have been so busy lately, the stress and bad weather have donned on me and now my body complains to REST! I need this weekend to be resting and resting. I hope to be fine as I miss my bloghopping. Bear with me guys, if I have not been visiting you lately. I will make it up with you once I am better. 

Friday, November 7, 2008


Guys out there, for variability in the pants that you wear why don't you try wearing a tactical pant? If you are one who is looking for a comfortable wear, wear a pair of tactical pants and you will feel its comfort.  It has more pockets to free your hands from holding things and accessories for more maneuverability on your part. Tactical pants are sold at company price so you are assured that they very low-priced. They can sell at a very low price because they rid of middlemen t sell their products. What are you waiting for? Buy now?


We woke up to find our foundling bird dead. Obviously, my helper and my sons forgot to feed it the whole day yesterday. It dies of starvation. The bird is almost one month old already since it was found under the tree. I knew that the bird was a survivor because it eats despite the fact that it was alone and without its mother bird. I feel sorry that it died under the negligence of my helper.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Do you want to wear fashion and trendy clothing that is organic, eco-friendly, elegant, soft, warm and light to wear? Then, buy premium quality apparels and accessories at Alpaca Boutique. Its clothings are made from Alpaca, a fine fiber with extraordinary characteristics that makes a luxurious and comfortable wear. This is my like of clothings. I will try it myself. Why don't you try and and feel it for yourself, too?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


These are the 8 random facts about me.  Got this tag from and I appreciate the thoughtfulness of Rosemarie.

Here are the rules:1.Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2.Share 8 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3.Tag 8 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4.Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

- I am 39 years old,  a single mother of three  with daughter who is 20 years old, and 2 sons who are of ages 13 and 12, respectively.

- I work in the government and when I have no officework I am a big homebuddy.

- I used to join and win in singing competitions when I was a little kid. Once , when father was still alive I asked permission to sing in a night club but father had vehement objection. Looking back, I am glad he did.

- I have a strong sense of smell. If there was a job with this qualifications, I would have a high position already.

- My fear for snakes is terrible, real or reel.

- I swear I will die immediately even with the slightest suffocation of carbon monoxide. I faint so easily when exposed to it.

- My hobbies are collecting keychains and angel figurines. 

- Searching a man for me who is free, understanding and caring is hard to find.   

I am now passing this tag to Marvz, Jacky,  


Halloween has just passed over and time passes by so fast that before we know it, it is already Christmas time. I am just reminding you guys,  that you can save time, effort, energy and money if you shop early. I am not saying you go to your favorite mall or department store to shop and stand in line with other shoppers. What i mean is you shop online and do early shopping for Christmas by buying items during black friday, the day after the Thanksgiving.  

You can have easy shopping online at because it has a consumer site that is so consumer friendly. You can select from a lot of merchants signed up with the site and one of the merchants signed up to it is Best Buy. The site offers email alerts to let you know when new black friday ads have been posted for Best Buy deals so you can have the best deals and you can save a lot of money on your shopping.  

Avoid the hassles of having to shop by yourself at the department store and having to stand in line to pay for your bought items. Opt for an ease in shopping. Shop during black friday.   

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I had to go home from office early today because I am going to my mother station, later. Problem is, I don't know if I can get through because of the heavy rains. Its raining so hard that even with an umbrella anybody who braves through it will still soak wet. Well, maybe later this will stop. For now it is time for me to bloghop first because I have been so busy lately I had less time to visit other bloggers site. I still have an hour to stay here so guys, here I go. If I can't visit you now, then later i can.


For this yuletide season, start making now your christmas list of those you would want to give christmas gifts. Me here, I have many godchildren. I started being a godmother when i was only 16 years old and so you could just imagine how long my christmas list would be.  I have not made mine yet, but I will surely trim down my list to kids only. I have grown ups godchildren already so I will not include them anymore in my list. Thinking of what to shop for this yuletide season, i browsed through the net about holiday gifts, Terry Turtle, Christmas gifts, gag gifts and many others. I am looking for affordable and unique gifts which my godchildren would enjoy and I guess I have now an idea  of what to buy.  I am fascinated with the Terry Turtle gift item and the Hitman Hal. It would be fun to play with for the kids. I will shop online so I can save time and energy. 

How about you? If you are thinking now of what gifts to buy for your kids or other family members, check on the gifts i write here about and I am sure that like me, you will also be fascinated by these gift items. You will make the kid you would give this present happy not only at this yuletide season but for the whole year round.


I rejoiced yesterday at the office because I got a good news. The training i was suppose to conduct in Baguio will instead be held here because the budget which was almost half a million will instead be saved for the Hongkong trip. Wow, i have reasons to rejoice you know why? I did not like the training to be held in there it is so far and it has a big toll on me. Secondly, i did not want to be away. I will miss blogging for almost a week and I will miss tasks. Thirdly, I can save money in a way for Christmas because I will not be spending personal funds as it is a fact that you can really spend your personal money even on official travels. I will be most happy to be in Hongkong, soon.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I admit now I am already getting older. They say once a person reaches 40, he encounters poor eyesight and this is restored once he reaches 70.  I am only 39 but I know that there is a decline in my eyesight. I need to have my eyeglasses because my eyes strain when I keep on reading without reading glasses.  I have two eyeglasses but I need to replace them because they are uncomfortable to wear already. I need a pair of eyeglasses that is not so expensive. I saw in the Fox News about Zenni Optical eyeglasses. ZenniOptical is a market leader in quality, cost effective prescription eyeglasses that anyone can afford. sells Stylish Prescription Glasses Online from $8.  One can find a huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. Zenni Optical can afford to give low priced eyeglasses because it sells its own manufactured frames direct to the customer, with no middlemen and virtually no advertising budget.

In my next buy of prescription eyeglasses, I will go for the cheap Zenni Optical glasses like the one above. How about you?



You know what i have been indulged with since yesterday? Aside from going to the cemetery, i bought a DVD player with 5,000 songs in one CD alone. I can sing to my heart's content. My kids love it, too. Since yesterday we are having fun here because we sing alternately. And we put scoring, too so we have a sort of competition here for the highest scorer.

You know who gets the highest score? My youngest sons coz he's got the biggesr voice, lol. I don't know with this scoring thing, the quality of the voice is not the one measured.  

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Are you an investor and you are looking for a hotspot property? Well, at Homes Abroad Cape Verde you will be offered a wide range of Property For Sale In Cape Verde . It has available for sale not only off-plan developments on four of the islands but a choice of completed properties ready to move into at short notice. The right time to buy is now. 



I had a hike for about 3 miles today. From the cemetery to home we hiked with my kids and brothers and sister, mother and sisters in law.  It was my first time to hike after a long, long while. We had fun talking while hiking. When we reached the corner near my brothers house, I bought whole pineapples and gave each one of them. What a good refreshment after a long walk. Tomorrow we will again go to the cemetery. I wish we could the same hiking exercises again.     

Friday, October 31, 2008


his December give yourself with the best gift you could ever give. Or if you are contemplating on what to give for this Christmas to your loved one, why don't you consider giving yourself fun and entertainment through the latest iWash: Magic Tricks & Gags for your iPhone and iPod touch. You would enjoy like the others who have already tried it. In this modern world of modern technology, the "in" thing is this for your electronic gadget. To give you a sample of what it can do, among many other things, watch t his short video below:


Let us trace back the history of the All Saints' Day (a.k.a. All Hallows' Day) on NOV-1. Actually, the holiday was first celebrated on MAY-13 when Pope Boniface IV dedicated the Pantheon in Rome to the Virgin Mary. The date was later changed to NOV-1 by Pope Gregory III who dedicated a chapel in honor of All Saints in the Vatican Basilica. Pope Gregory IV later extended the feast to the whole church.

The Eastern Orthodox churches celebrate All Saints Day in the springtime -- the Sunday after Pentecost.

All Souls' Day (a.k.a. the Day of the Dead) which is normally celebrated on NOV-2. When NOV-2 is a Sunday, the celebration is held on the following Monday. This is a day for prayer and almsgiving in memory of ancestors who have died. Believers pray for the souls of the dead, in an effort to hasten their transition from Purgatory to Heaven. It is primarily celebrated by Roman Catholics.

So thats it, until now we are still celebrating it.


Preparing for our children's future starts when they are yet kids. It' not enough that they are fed well, they have a good shelter and they have nice clothings. Developing their mental faculties through this Parenting Magazine "DVD of the Year!" will bring good avantage to our kids on the first few years of their crucial life. Let us be choosy in allowing them to watch TV or movie shows. Let us only give them what will help tjhem develop better thinking skills. This award-winning parenting DVD for children is a sure way to achieve our goal to develop  our kids' s creativity and imagination.  Parents out there, buy now! This is worth your money.



Wow, we got a good weather today. The sun is up unlike yesaterday where it was always raining cats and dogs. Many people will be going to cemeteries to do clean ups of their respective loved ones tombs. November 1 and 2 will be dedicated to going to cemeteries and offering prayers for the dead, it is All Sould and All Saints Day, respectively. Most people stay until late night with food and drinks, drinks that are intoxicating are banned by the police authorities for security reasons, with families and friends. I could sometimes say that every November 1 and 2 that it is a party at the cemetery because by tradition people bring in food and drinks. It is a creepy thing to eat at the cemetery but, many people indulge into it. Its as if they are eating with the souls of their loved. They even offer food in the tomb and drinks, too if that demised loved one used to be a drinker when still alive. My mother is a traditional person, she encourages us to bring food to the cemetery. After praying the rosary and offering prayers for the souls, the tomb of my father and grandma where we used to gather becomes our picnic site.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


My children when they were babies then were sling babies.  I used to carry one of them around department stores, restaurants, and anywhere in the downtown area hands free. Since they only have a gap of five months, the other was carried by their nanny also in a baby sling. We could do our shopping for groceries, lift our luggages and board a public transport with ease.  It was such a great comfort to have a baby sling. 

How about you? If you have babies out there, let your baby be close to you, feel safe and secure as you go about your daily activities. You don't need to interrupt your household chores to pick up a fussing baby. All you have to do is pop your little baby into the HugaMonkey baby sling and go on with your tasks.  It is also very useful in your travel by plane or by train as it is really a breeze when a baby rides along in a HugaMonkey baby sling. You can carry your luggage and your ticket for inspection. Craddle your baby everywhere with comfort.Grab your good-looking baby carrier now! It is very afforable. 


For the first time in the history of rollback in gas prices this is the biggest rollback that has happened. A five-peso rollback will be effective today and this would be a good news to all motorists. Five pesos rollback in every liter of gasoline will go a long way. There is however, a promising a rollback in public transport fares and in the prices of basic commodities. I am crossing my fingers that this rollback will stay up for long in order for motorists and the public to save a lot for this christmas season.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Tradition tells us to give away gift items to families and friends, to give love to those who are needy especially on this Christmas season. Hey, it is already the end of October, don't wait for December to come before you buy your christmas gift items. Avoid the rush.  Shop now without the hassle of having to stand in line at the store among many shopgoers. Do the shopping online and save money. This is only possible if you shop online at iBlack Friday. This site will help you save money when shopping this black friday 2008, the day after Thanksgiving.

iBlack Friday understands the looming economic crisis everybody is experiencing so if you access the site and join its notification list, you will stay updated and informed when new black friday items are available to purchase online at retailer's websites.  And not only that, you can also build out your holiday shopping list so you know exactly what items to buy on Black Friday.

Now, if you want to buy a laptop, for instance, you can shop at Best Buy. If you want to avail of the big discount on your purchase wait for the notification of the Best Buy Black Friday Ad release So, what are you waiting for? Shop and save, buy more for less!


Do you know that giving birth to a baby through normal born delivery brings good benefot than caesarian born? Whenever a mother delivers i a normal way, the baby gets good bacteria from the birth canal of the mother that helps develop the immune system of the baby. Caesarian born babies do not have this, so they need extra.  My children are lucky because they were delivered through normal delivery. 


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Are your friends and or members of your family hooked to drug addiction and aloholism? Find a way before its too late. Bring him to a drug addiction and alcohol treatment center so he would be treated back to normal life again. Speaking of drug addiction and alcoholism, there is a treatment center, which has the cutting edge in terms of new technology to provide a very conducive environment to other clients. 


I just finished my training on the barangay justice system last Saturday with my two speakers coming from my office. I lectured though in the afternoon. I am amused at the participants willingness to learn because they so interactive until the training ended at 5pm. Tomorrow, i will be a speaker on the same training at another town so i have a very busy day tomorrow. Will still pass by my office in the morning then proceed to my speaking engagement in the afternoon. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008


A healthy family is a family with parents and children that are free of diseases that affect the skin, hair and nails. When these diseases like psoriasis, acne, cysts, age/sun spots, dermatitis, eczema, excesive sweating, skin cancer, spider veins, warts and many others happen and or to prevent these diseases to happen for preventive measures, a dermatologist like Martin Sands, who is an experienced and successful medical and surgical dermatologist who founded the Dermatology Associates is all you need.


What's happening to me? I was so engrossed with blogging and suddenly i looked back over the tv for the intriguing portion of the movie my daughter is watching. When sudenly i was not anymore interested i went back to blogging and oops, there i saw the missed opportunities from PPP. I sometimes forget that i am blogging, whenever i am engrossed in doing something else. and when i missed opportunitIES, oh my remorse.    

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Have you heard the latest about Mercedes Benz? It has recently launched The new Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class.  Mercedes-Benz Canada has launched a sneak peek of their new GLK-Class and it is coming to Canada in January 2009. If you are progressive and ambitious individual why don't you buy this trendy styled, luxury, and small 5-passenger SUV?  Buy now and experience a different design, comfort and safety!


Early in the morning i was at the hospital for my blood chemistry laboratory exam. I had this laboratory exam for body monitoring purposes. I am glad that I was still within the normal range for each test.  

Glucose   5.73 (normal range is 3.89-5.84)

Creatinine 74.5  (normal range is 50-100)

Total Cholesterol 4.71 (normal range is up to 5.7)

Triglycerides 1.06  (noraml range is 0.46 - 1. 60

   LDL Cholesterol 2.60 (less than normal range is 3.9)

   HDL Cholesterol 1.62 (more than 1.49)

I have nothing to worry now, but i shall have to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



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Am heading off for my training on the justice system at the local level but when i opened my computer i got again another task. Greed huh? No, actually i got time left, yet so I should better post it first before i leave. See you guys, later in my bloghopping.


Why type when you can just utter the words and you will see the words you uttered typewritten in your screen on the blog post you are writing or on the email you are composing? Yes, this is possible now with Dragon Naturally Speaking.Just buy a software and Type at $150 Words Per Minute for $99!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard
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I think one of the key takeaways from her video, the key insight that is, is that she is able to write a lot more in those spare moments of time that she has while she's doing other things. Sometimes it's great to multitask, but it's even more important to be able to accomplish useful goals in those spare two or three or four minute pockets of time that we all experience throughout the day.

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So if you're looking for a practical tool for your home office, for your writing or blog work, or even just to keep up with e-mail in your spare time, Dragon NaturallySpeaking can give you the power to write at 150 words a minute for a price that starts at $99. Heck, I think I paid that much almost for my last keyboard so that I wouldn't pound my fingers to death. :-)

Brett Bumeter
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Looking for a credit card in the net can be so tedious. You know, I spent two hours reading the features of credit cards I am looking that i can use internationally. I guess i have found one, but I still have to check it with the other two more which are almost at par with the previous. Or do you recommend guys, that I have one or two cards? Honest, I have heard bad experiences about with credit cards among my friends that is why I don't subscribe to it but with my another future international trip I feel I should have a credit card or cards.

Friday, October 24, 2008


The home is the foundation of child's emotional and intellectual learning. To parents out there, develop the intellectual capacities of your toddlers and kids by way of the Little Reader,  a downloadable software tool for parents and educators launched by BrillKids Inc. to teach children, four months and up, to read in an easy, fun and efficient way. This is an effective tool for me instead of letting the toddlers and kids view cartoon movies almost most of the time.

Press Release:

October 23, 2008 – BrillKids Inc. announces the launch of Little Reader HOME BASIC, a downloadable software tool for parents and educators who wish to teach children to read in an easy, fun and efficient way. Suitable for children aged four months and up, Little Reader enables users to easily create flash cards, using the computer as a powerful platform with which to educate very young children. Incorporating methods developed over several decades by experts in the early learning field in their product’s functionality and design, BrillKids’ Little Reader is able to take advantage of the right-brain learning capabilities of children during the critical early years. 

Following the success of their online community, BrillKids provides an answer to the needs of parents worldwide for a more convenient program with which to teach their young ones. Even with the burgeoning children’s product market filled with available educational videos, laminated flash cards, and pre-made slideshow presentations, none come close to providing complete customizable solutions for parents who want to teach their children in a more personalized way. “Little Reader is a groundbreaking program from BrillKids,” said KL Wong, CEO of BrillKids Inc. “Not only is it our very first software product to be made commercially available, it is also the project closest to my heart, having created it specifically for parents like me who could not find convenient ways with which I could create and personalize my little daughter’s flash card lessons. To know that Little Reader can put smiles on children’s faces when they see their parents’ pictures on the screen while being taught their first words about family is simply amazing.” 

Helping Parents Teach Their Children to Read 
Many parents have already witnessed the benefits of using the Little Reader program during the span of its three-month beta testing period. “I have thoroughly enjoyed using Little Reader - I thought I knew a lot about teaching reading to people of all ages - and particularly since I was a follower of Glenn Doman methods 40ish years ago,” said Amanda, a parent from Brazil. “That said - I have found Little Reader totally inspiring - it is very addictive, and it encourages the user to not only make use of the material provided in the program - but to create their own.” 

“My kids really love Little Reader,” adds Paola from California. “This software gives my children lessons they can relate to - their own body/family/toys/pets. And the fact that people from all over the world using any language - even dialects - can come together, share concerns and experiences, give one another support, and contribute to the whole is absolutely amazing. I can honestly say that I don't know of any other software that is as versatile, meaningful and enjoyable as Little Reader.” 

Making it Easy for the Busy Parent 
BrillKids also offers hundreds of free additional learning library files which Little Reader users can simply download through their online community – a balm for parents who do not have the time to create their own content. 

“In my very busy schedule as a working mother, I found Little Reader to be perfect teaching tool,” says Jane from South Carolina. “This program saves me so much time in preparing my teaching materials because it’s just so easy to use, turning ‘lesson time’ into ‘bonding time’ for my little Alyssa. The free additional library files are also fantastic – it’s so convenient to just download what I want, when I want them.” 

Created by Parents for Parents 
An overwhelming number of requests from parents worldwide spurred the creation of Little Reader, and BrillKids made it a point to take the development of this software closer to the hearts of those who inspired it to fruition through its customer-oriented forefront throughout the three-month beta testing period. The company took all suggestions and comments from an international pool of beta testers and integrated functions to satisfy what real parents need from an educational software program for young children. 

Little Reader’s release brings the company closer to their aims of enhancing the quality of life for parents and parents-to-be, helping them give their child the gift of early literacy. 

About BrillKids Inc 
Founded in 2008, BrillKids Inc. is a privately held company and is part of the Kreative Land Group, which has its head office in Hong Kong. BrillKids Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets software solutions and services that make early childhood education as effortless and as fun-filled as possible. Information on BrillKids Inc. and its products and services is available at

» You must include the full text of this press release in your blog post.
» Please make sure that the paragraph formatting is consistent on your blog.


Its a fiesta at my brothers place and early today I received an invitation coming from him. Hmm, this is food trip again. I will lose my dieting regimen again. Why is it hard to discipline self when it comes to food? I am a "sweets" lover and it is what brings the toll on my weight. Maybe, I will avoid going there instead.


Parenting is a very difficult task. Parenting means providing the children their physical needs, protecting them from harm and imparting them skills and cultural values. Raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood is a very undaunting process.  The children's foundation of education starts at home from their own parents and continues when the children receive formal education at school. Others say that the process of raising and educating the children not only starts from birth and childhood but also until adulthood. 

The manner in which the child is raised at home reflects in his social activities with others. That is why, it is very important that children are provided an atmosphere of peace and justice in family, where no one's dignity is encroached upon. It is also very important to provide the children a no-fear, no-threat, and no-verbal abuse environment. Despite the busy schedule of parents it is very much necessary to spend bonding times and share wonderful moments with children.

Don't you know that there is a new gadget invented that makes it easier for parents to pass on words of wisdom to their kids on a daily basis? Yes, there is a new gadget for this. If you visit Life Learning, it created a button that can sit on a desk, beside the coffee pot on the kitchen table or just about anywhere you pass during the day. When the button is pressed, it verbally relays secrets of life and words of wisdom to the children from some of history's greatest achievers. This is a perfect gadget that delivers motivational quotes at the touch of a button and is something parents have more to talk about other then the typical "How was your day at school?...fine" conversation. I wll try this one on my children. Try this on yours, too.



I will be so busy today to prepare for my training on Saturday about the law on barangay justice system for mediators and conciliators. This training is to capacitate mediators and conciliators who play a big role in settling disputes through amicable settlement when filed by a complainant against a respondent. I still have so many things to prepare and hopefully there would be no glitches anymore when Saturday comes.     

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For the many who have a craze for cross pens and for those who are thinking of buying Christmas gifts for this Yuletide season, you can now own and or buy personalized pens.  At Cross Pens from  you can buy cross pens, cross pen sets, gift pens with free engraving. If you buy items of over $69, they offer free shipping. Isn't these great holiday gifts? This is the time now to buy these items for an early christmas shopping. Come on and hurry, there are some more gift items available at this site for you to choose from. See for yourself.


I downloaded music files from the internet to the MP3, which my daughter brings with her all the time. First time for me to do it and I am proud I did it. You know, my kids are sometimes better than me in terms of computer usage because they learn the new trends so fast. I donwloaded Alicia Keys music files, I like her songs this time.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


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Thank you, Lot for always helping me out with my blogging tasks. You are always only a call away when i need your help. Even when you are talking to your lovey dovey, just like today, you spared time for  my blogging blues. Thank you so much. May your tribe increase!  Congratulations to your new site, Thoughts of a SAHM.  


When i started blogging, i never cared about using an own domain. I never cared about hosting my blog with any reputable webhosting services.  As I was going on with my blogging and I was enjoying the revenues I earn through it, I noticed that blogs that have a blogspot account were most of the times excluded from availing most marketplace opportunities.  There were more marketplace opportunities given to blogs with an own domain.  This prompted me to get an own domain and voila, I started enjoying more earnings and I got more advertisers approving my site to avail of money making opportunites.

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My cousin, who is working in the Middle East, is worried about the news she heard over the TV about that 2o M workers who will lose their job before the end of 2009. This was the prediction of the United Nations. She works in the Middle East as a domestic helper. Her children are not over with their schooling yet, the primary reason why she decded to work abroad. With this trend i just hope that things will still change for the better. 2om souls all over the world who will suffer is a great number.

Monday, October 20, 2008


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Holiday here. I have no work and kds have no classes. But it seems like i am all alone in the house. Daughter is working. Sons are out with their friends playing in the neighborhood. My sons are babies no more. My youngest does not like to be called baby anymore, coz he is already a big boy according to him. I am left to myself, alone with my computer. I remember what my father told me then to treasurer the moments while your children are still young because when they become teens they will prefer to be with their friemds most of the time. And, it is happening now. Anyway, they need association with friends their age. I may have to accept this fact that my kids are babies no more.


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For awhile my blogging life was put to trial when my other site, My Daily Thoughts and Moods, was assessed by PPP to not having met their standards. I realized then that real rank and page rank do not matter in the assessment of the PPP of blogs signed up at their level. When i received an email coming from them, i got depressed and i felt like an eagle soaring high dropping by at an instant when hit by a bullet. That site's page rank was PR3 and it can never receive marketplace opportunities at PPP again. It is earning now through other advertisers like payu2blog and blogsvertise. Somehow it is still earning and life goes on to blogging! What is important is i still get in contact with my friends in the web and my daily thoughts and moods continue to be expressed in that blogsite. I know many others were affected by PPPs assessment and i am lucky still to have a positive PPP assessment on the this site.


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I enjoyed my Sunday with my younger boys on a treat to Jollibee. I don't know what is in Jollibee that my young boys never get tired being attracted to it. They feasted on fried chicken, burger steak, corn vegetable, spaghetti, hamburger and french fries. Why can't they ever get tired of these chicken? Fried chicken at home, and fried chicken at jollibee, they just can't do away maybe with chicken. Anyway, i am happy to be with them. After Jollibee the duo asked money for their net cafe escapade while i went with my helper and niece to the Department Store for grocery shopping.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Venturing into a business is similar to a game of chance. Either you win or you lose. However, you would not ever win if you do not take risks.  In this world of modern technology where the surging mode of procurement and business advertisement is through the internet, one who would want to venture into a particular business shall have a good place in the web in order to attract more customers and consequently gain more profit. How do you do all these? First, get online to sell online, get customers, and get an online security.  To do all these, you need help from only the best who can help with all of these things I mentioned.  There is one website i came across in my net surfing and that is Network Solutions. It will help your business stand out from the crowd, get your webpage get search engine optimization and drive customers to your site. Network Solutions online marketing services allows you to promote your products and services online at a lower cost than traditional advertising such as yellow pages. Remember that a potential customer may not know your business name or web site address. Instead, if they will type keywords into search engines to find the products they want. If you have an effective online marketing your company will show up on the search engines and most likely you will attract more customers. Think of a win-win situation to your business, get Network Solutions.  


It has been such a busy day for me, lately.  Thanks my health conditions improved and i was able to attend to my official functions at my workstation last Saturday. Public speaking can sometimes be so frightening in the presence of many people and with big personalities around like the governor, the congressman and with the US and Philipine veterans of the World War II and other big personalities in the provincehood. Its not that i am not used to talking in public, but i was not so prepared with my speech with such a short notice. Anyway, i kept on scribbling the points in my speech, had to be concise and had to be direct to the point and related to the theme of the activity. I recalled when the task was offered to me by the mayor, i initially remarked that i m not fit to talk on that occasion as hello, i am not old yet! It was an activity to commemorate the heroes in the World War II when the Philippines was held in captive by the Japanese and these heroes were responsible for giving flag signals to the Americans to not dock in the particular place where the Japanese were stationed. The Philippines were allies with the Americans. These signals were the start of the downfall of the Japanese in the leyte gulf area and to the other archipelagos of the country.  Anyway, despite my begging off, i turned out rendering the speech nevertheless. All went well , though.     

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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Driving at night poses a big risk. It strains your eyes when driving especially at night. Because the eyesight weakens at night, it is advisable to slow down in driving. Experts say that your usual day speed shall have to be lessened by 30% to avoid accidents. Always, check on your head and tail lights and other warning devices before heading for the road. Put off any cell phones and other gadgets that distracts your attention while driving. Remember to be defensive in driving, avoid any accidents using the principle of last clear chance.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I am planning to travel to New York possibly next year. As early as now, i am trying to inquire how much will I spend for my accomodation, travel expenses and everything so i could figure out the amount i really need to raise for this travel. I was told that I can look for a cheaper flight and save money in the process.  I browsed through the net and i came across this site at and my search was fulfilled. Skyscaner is the most powerful and flexible flight search engine in Europe, which provides instant online price comparisons on over 300,000 flights and over 600 airlines worldwide. With Skyscanner, users can browse without having to enter specific dates, departures or even destinations through its Cheap Flights Map Widget. The Skyscanner Maps Tool Widget is a flash travel map that webmasters can easily embed on their own sites to display Skyscanner flight route information. It can be downloaded for free from

The tool is a very easy device, is fully configurable,  and allows its users to display a fixed departure point, fixed destination point, fixed departure and destination, depending on whichever one selects. If installed on one's site, visitors will see flight options to and from your location and find the best flight deals on offers. This is totally free, so visitors can visit your site every now and then to check on your widget.  Now, i can figure already what my costs for travelling would be.



The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...