Monday, January 28, 2008

MoneySavvy lesson

I used to spend my money the minute i earned it. The words "budget" and "savings" weren't in my vocabulary. But last month, I learned that a schoolmate in the masteral studies is undergoing chemotherapy for intestinal cancer. Her wife, also a classmate solicited any amount from the graduate school students as they are financially depleted even before her husband was diagnosed of having intestinal cancer. She talked of regrets about having not been saving a little, coz both of them are gainfully employed. Silently, i was asking myself what if it happens to me, am not thinking to have cancer, though but what if i get to be hospitalized for even minor ailments? Where will i get money? What and where will my children go to borrow money?

Suddenly, goosebumps ran through me. I am not young anymore so the probability of me getting hospitalized for some organ dysfunction may happen. I realized that I had to wisen up and become steadfast in sticking up to my financial goals. I had to change my spendthrift ways. Times when i have to watch movies and fave TV programs shall be committed instead to earning alternative sources of income.

Thanks to my classmate for showing me that it was time to think about worthy spending and be money-savvy. I pray that her husband would fight and survive the imminent danger to life of cancer.

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