Friday, February 29, 2008

Join the Friendship Chain and Circle the Globe

This Friendship Chain was tagged on to me by Francine. Im inviting Rosemarie, Ludi, Marie and Weng, Jonah and AiDiSan to join us in circling the globe and buy peace.

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Have U Ever Met Super Woman?

Women are indeed true super women, especially those with kids. Imagine the multi-task women have ranging from being a mother, a father (in the absence of one, and even when present but irresponsible), a bread-earner, a househelper, a tutor, a blogger, a house administrator and many other things a woman does almost everyday, even schooling during weekends, it is really so incredible. A woman like this deserves accolades and praises. Kudos to all the woman out there who remain posed and beautiful amid the multiple roles she has in this world. She doesn't need to watch the fiction movie about Super Woman, she must realize she has been meeting super woman everyday and she is the real super woman.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cosmetics Vanity

Cosmetics like blush-ons, lipsticks, foundations and eyeshadows are for most women their vanities. Its enhancing effects on the face creates a mascara of beauty and deception. One who wears cosmetics would rarely not admit exuding confidence of herself among a crowd of many, except of course if the cosmetics was donned beyond simplicity. But even granting that cosmetics was wear in over exageration, these women feel good towards themselves and care less with what others have to say. Just right, though. Not that i wear heavy of these cosmetics, myself. For me, as long as women are happy and feel good about donning cosmetics, heavy or otherwise, it doesn't matter. This is a free world, wearing heavy cosmetics isn't a crime, it is though, worth some dimes.

Weather U Like it or Not

It has been raining for days, the weather news says La Niña is here to stay up to next month. This is not good enough especially that agriculture, the main source of livelihood of most Filipinos, which not just refers to farming but fishing as well, has been badly affected by this weather. Prices of basic commodities, like rice and fish, are soaring as a result of low supply. The marginalized farmers and fishermen, especially those who only rely on fishing and farming as their sole job, are hardly coping with living. Crop harvest of farmers are of low quality and of poor productivity. Sailing to sea with inclement and unpredicted weathers is very risky to most farmers, save to those who are really gutsy to brave the raging waves. My heart goes out to their children who makes absences or even worst quit schooling, suffer deprivation of eating meals three times a day, and or increase susceptibility of illness due to low resistance of the body. I hope for the day when all will be given equal opportunity to eat, to go to school and equal opportunity to get medical treatment and medicines. I know that it will still take a long time. How i pray it will be soon, and how i pray that the plight of these marginalized people to anguish are eliminated soon. How i pray too, that La Niña won't stay long in its visit in this part of the country.

Finally, PPP Approved My Blog!

When it rains, it pours! This adage once again proved true to me this day. Rain started pouring early in the morning in the office when i received a souvenir item from China given to me by the Municipal Mayor, as he just arrived from his China official trip. He gave me a key chain, and i felt so happy because i added anew to my collection of keychains from different countries. Right after lunch, i received a call from the human resource officer in my mother station, informing me to submit my personal data sheet before March 3. I know it that if an employee is required to submit this PDS, a promotion is forthcoming! I was like floating in cloud 9 until when i went home and opened my emails, to my euphoria, PayPerPost has approved my blog! I can now make money with my blog and this would mean additional income! When it rains, it really pours! I enjoy making blogs since the start because i make friends around the globe who are blogging addict, too like me; i get to read my friends blogs and it has become habit forming; and, most of all i get to make money out of my blogging. My children will surely be happy of these feats i have for now. I am motivated to blog for more, for reasons not for money alone but because blogging have been a daily habit, a good habit!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reckless Driving and Driving under the Influence of Alcohol

Oftentimes people just don't think the consequences of their driving drunk. It is a totally condemnable, irresponsible and ruthless act to drive a car drunk. Life of not just the person who is drunk is imperiled and endangered, but also the lives of people met along the streets, not to mention the damage brought about to properties. The psychological effect, the trauma and shock caused by road mishaps are also another thing. My brother-in-law and a friend, happened to meet road accidents in contrasting situations at different periods. The former, drive his motorcycle drunk and he hit a man driving a bicycle. The latter, had his car smashed by an overtaking motorcycle, driven by a drunk driver. In all these instances, the measly amount i was able to aid can not and can not ever compensate the anguish, anxieties and other psychological effects these accidents had on me, which only science can tell. Wishing that all drivers will be more considerate and pro-life.

My Office, My Home

My office had partially received a minor facelifting when i arrived today. The ceiling and walls were painted to raw sienna while the wall edges below were painted to chocolate brown. The office ambience looked different from its previous state. Floor tiles will be done tomorrow. It would totally look impressive once the new curtains will be hanged in place. Accessories like wall clock, vases and flowers would surely accentuate the newly refurbished office space. It is always important to put home concepts in an office, for after all, the office is an extension home to its occupants, who, in most cases spend more of their waking time at the office than at their homes.

I Am Burned-Out

Recently I had been feeling constant fatigue and stressed out. I dread the great monotony in my daily activities. Always I feel just as tired when I wake up as i was when i went to bed. I had this profound dread in going out to work. I had general aches and pains. I remembered what I read in a book, in the nunnery library, about the symptoms of being burned-out. Alarmingly, i realized this is what I’m feeling right now, I’m burned-out! I need to take a break and I intend to enjoy and forget about work once in awhile. I need to get back with my daily exercises and rest when I feel tired. I resolved, that the most important way to deal with burn-out is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. In general, I should take time for myself, and this is what i will put in mind, always.

Want to Know More About Me?

This was tagged by Rosemarie. Im likewise sending this to Ludi, Elaine,Jonah, Ester, Marie. Jolly quiz bee, friends!!!

*Copy this entire list of questions and change all the answers so that they apply to you. Then tag and pass it along to other blogging friends. Let’s see how well we can get to know one another!

What is your occupation? - Public Servant

What color are your socks right now? - White

What are you listening to right now? - Raindrops on the rooftop

What was the last thing that you ate? - Chowking Lauriat

Can you drive a stick shift? - Nope

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?- Green

Last person you spoke to on the phone? - Brandon, my office staff

Do you like the person who sent this to you? - Yes, especially that she empowered me to blog. She's a new found little sister.

Favorite drink? - Water

What is your favorite sport to watch? - Volleyball

Have you ever dyed your hair? - Yes twice

Dog name - Don't have any

Favorite food? - Anything my mouth can take in

Last movie you watched? - Dubai

Favorite Day of the year? - My birthday

What do you do to vent anger? - Cry

What was your favorite toy as a child? - Toy Gun

What is your favorite, fall or spring? - None of it here in the Philippines

Hugs or kisses? - Hugs

What kind of pie? - Buko pie

Do you want your friends to email you back? - Of course

Who is most likely to respond?- All of them

Who is least likely to respond? - None

Living arrangements? - Live exclusively with my children

When was the last time you cried? - The other night while watching movie "Dubai"

What is on the floor of your closet? - Towels

Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to? - Ludi

The friend you have known the shortest amount of time that you are sending this to? - Elaine, just a few mins ago

Favorite smell? - Perfumes with flower scent

What inspires you? - My family

What are you afraid of? - Marriage

Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? - Spicy hamburgers

Favorite car? - none, coz i don't have one

Favorite cat breed? - Garfield

Number of keys on your key ring? - 5

How many years at your current job? - 18

Favorite day of the week? - Sunday

How many provinces have you lived in? - 1

How many countries have you been to? - 1

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dream House

A beautiful house equipped with classy and elegant accessories, accents and furnishings is every woman's dream in life. Pretty sure, if genies are true and she is made to give three wishes, any ordinary woman would ask for a beautiful and fully equipped house. I have gone to houses of some of the rich people i have come to rub elbows with. Some houses are uniquely different from the other in terms of design and home furnishings. I am fond of watching local and international tv programs, which feature homestyle and living to get concepts for my dream house. For now, everything would be dreams. Dreams do come true, sometimes.

Classes Suspended, Yehey!

My children went to school early today but went home right after because classes are suspended. Some classrooms are being used as evacuation centers to families whose houses are submerged in floodwaters. As a kid then, when classes are suspended its a rejoicing moment. I played with friends and we go somewhere else. I understand how my kids feel now, too. They can play games in the computer and watch tv. Somehow i am happy that they stay home rather than be with friends somewhere else. I figure teachers like it too when they dont hold classes. They can attend to their home tasks, which may have not been possible if there were classes. On the other hand, it gives disadvantages, as well for those committed teachers who are after the academic performance of the students. Be that as it may, kids would have no choice anyway, if make-up classes will be made later. What matters is now, and it was cute for my son to remark, "yehey, classes are suspended"!

Learn How Fast U Type

Joy gave me this educational exercise. Thanks friend for sharing. This is fun and interesting. I want to let Ludi Weng, Francine, AiDiSan, Darlene and Marie, Ester and other ex-links try it, too. You, as my reader may try likewise. Its easy, here's how:

57 words


People Power, Is it still working?

Yesterday was the People Power Anniversary of the Philippines, in commemoration of the ending of the authoritarian regime of then President Marcos and installing through people power President Corazon Aquino, the first woman President of the Philippines. While official activities were being veiled up for the day, many rallies were being held in some parts of Manila, staged by anti-administration people, who had long been drooling to unseat the present President, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. I don't understand what's in the nuts of these people who takes pleasure in bringing turmoil and disturbance, which tend to affect the peace and economy of the country. These critics are to me without moral ascendancy to criticize and attack the Arroyo government nor moral right to ask for Arroyo's resignation as President. Why not let her end her term of office? She had done a good deal in improving the country's economy. I admire her steadfast and firm decision not to step down. She deserves commendation and not condemnation. People have gotten wary already of destabilization efforts plotted by anti-administration people, to whoever who is in power. They already realized that for a change to effect in this country, it has to change from within the selves of many individuals especially those who are mighty and influential. People power is still working, not to destabilize the Philippine Government, but to give chance to the empowered to give direction for the nation's development.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Awoke on Monday morning with heavy feet to move about as cough and colds still downed me. Non-working holiday here, thanks i could still rest and prepare for the working days ahead. Thanks, too because Rosemarie and Ludi made my day. They keep me company and pep talks with them made my otherwise sick day better. The old adage, which says that laughter is the best medicine is indeed true, and it works upon me. With my kids, too around who, are my happiness and whose laughter bubbles up my mood, make me a whole lot better. Laughter has all the best advantages in the world, it has therapeutic benefits and healing powers. It has contagious effects, and which was why i was somehow relieved of my sickness in the midst of happy friends and families.

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The Wrath for Rodents

Its time i should wage a war against these rodents! I went home from almost a weeklong travel from Cebu City and found my treasured wood cabinet ugly holed-designed by rodents. My poor cabinet did not have power to resist the boring of these rodents on its beautiful carvings. Maybe the rodents think they were good carvers than the men who made the wood carvings. I could do no less but stage a silent protest against these rodents that i could hear running about at night inside our ceiling. Niece also told me, she found our bath soaps eaten by these rodents but retains some for our consumption.

I bought a rat killer earlier today. I will try to massacre these rodents that destroy the beauty of my wood cabinet and who kept on eating as dinner our soaps. Let me see if they can still continue spreading havoc on my place. I expect these rodents to live no more in my house tomorrow and the days to come, as they will be dead once they eat the proven effective bait i gave them. I have reserved some baits, too to future uninvited rodents especially those that would invade, pester and destroy our properties.

Bohol Province, Here We Come!

My class in the graduate school is planning to have an educational tour to Bohol. This is in lieu of the Hongkong Trip that was cancelled because majority of the class have problems with their birth certificates hence, they can't get their passport sooner at the Department of Foreign Affairs. And so, local trip was resorted to and Bohol was the class' choice. I have not gone to Bohol yet but i heard a lot about it already. It is famous of its Chocolate Hills, its tarsiers and the Bohol dialect which have lots of "j's" in its lingo, like "unja na" ("unya na" in Bisaya, all mean "later" as translated in English.

Will sure enjoy and have fun with a group of 16. We would be going there on March 27-30, 2008. This is an educational tour, so the main destination of the trip is to visit a public university, to know the school programs and learn replicable methods worthy of emulation. The university visit will be half-day. Trip within Bohol province to its tourist destinations will be whole day, not the basic purpose, huh? This will be paid through our personal expense, ouch! Anyway, slimmer our pockets may become, Bohol Province, here we come!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

It has been raining hard for almost 15 days already. Against expectations that February would be the start of sunny season as prelude to summer time, it's been and is still pouring hard instead. Many houses along riparian and low-lying areas are submerged in waters. Household members either evacuate to higher places or prefer to stay at their dwellings and wade their ways amid knee-deep muddy waters. My place is not spared, too of flooding. When there is heavy downpouring of rains, the drainage system seem so slow in absorbing water due maybe that it is full or it may have many clogged silts, which hinders the fast flow of waters. As a result, the roads get flooded. We are left with no option, but to trod the waters especially when we're on our way out to office and when kids are on their way to school. Rainy days bring to many people colds and fever. Me and my youngest son is not spared of colds, too.

Personally, rainy days give me advantages. My room airconditioning unit is relaxed because the weather is cold already. It means lesser electricity bill. On the other hand, water from our faucets are at constant 24/7, when rainy.The water system company increases the water pressure from the source. The bath shower works ; which, is unlikely when sunny.

Sunny, rainy, then rainy to sunny. This only indicates, in this world nothing is permanent. For whatever the rain gives, i am assured like in the old song, that the sun will always come out after the rain. I have adapted this as a guiding principle to have a positive outlook in life. True enough despite the painful adversities that happened and will happen to me in the future, i remain steadfast in every rainy experience that the sun will come out tomorrow.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cellphones and Computers, Bane or Boon?

In 1998 where prepaid cellphones were an "in" thing among old and young folks alike, i was very happy to be offered a second hand cellphone, for a 3-month installment term, from a friend's cousin in Manila. I remember how happy i was to acquire my first cellphone, it felt like i belong to the modern generation. Since then, i am able to make contacts to people from even far and different areas. I save time and effort, as a consequence. However, my budget was affected for the convenience of having a cellphone. Each week, i consume a 3hundred-peso prepaid card. I learned, though to be economical by texting because it is at P1 peso per send to any network than making calls, which is P12-peso per minute. The average P1,000 per month which may have been used to feed my children or buy their other necessities was the painful price i had to pay in exchange of being modernized and being "in" in the modern circulation.

Computers in the office has been convenient to use than the traditional typewriters. Stenciling forms and re-typing the same messages to different addressees was eliminated when the office adhered to computerization. I bought a computer too, at home despite its expensive cost, hooked the computer to the internet in order to be entertained and be "in" in the modern technlogy. My children's school requirements and papers were made accessible through the internet. Like the cellphones, i also pay the high cost of convenience computers and internet had to offer. Electricity bills soared high. Children had less of outdoor exercises because they can play different online games for over six hours before the computer without any sweat. Less interaction occurred between us. Homeworks tend to be forgotten, consciously or unconsciously, because computer games are more prioritized. Worst of all, kids learned to access the pornographic websites in the internet, which was too late for me to realize, but somehow i am happy i detected it because i was able to prevent its recurrence. Every now and then, i have to visit school and ask my son's classmates and teachers to check for any recurrence of cutting classes due to internet sprees during classes time.

Modern technologies pose many advantages to me personally, but however, the disadvantages are at par too with its advantages. I used to ask, is modernization of the world through this cellphones and computers, a bane or a boon? The answer is left on me to discern, and in reverberating sounds, it says IT DEPENDS on how i will utilize these modern day products of science.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Ridiculous Valentine Special

I can't help but write this very unforgettable and ridiculous February 14 experience in Cebu at the SM megamall. I happened to go there with all training participants of my BGDP training, after their leisure trip to Mactan Shrine, Taoist Temple and Magellan's Cross. The shopping, window-shopping and promenading in this big mall seemed so overwhelming, at first. Tacloban City, where i live, has no big malls like in Cebu. Time flies so fast in the mall, and without knowing it, it was almost time to get luggages left at the Traveller's Lounge and head for the training center where we were billeted.

Amid a long queue of people waiting for taxis, we patiently lined-up behind the last person in line. We waited and waited and waited but no vacant taxi ever came. It was raining hard so we had no choice but wait. When the waiting seemed intolerable, we decided to walk to the highway where taxis were sure to pass. Again, never did a vacant taxi passed until we decided again to take a jeepney to any place where we could find vacant taxis. The jeepney was almost full of passengers and our luggages obstruct the passageway. Anyway, we alighted in an unfamiliar place and waited for ten minutes until we finally found a taxi. To our relief, at last we were able to get to our training center at exactly 11pm.

Valentine's Day without dinner and wet from the rain! I promised that if I ever go to this SM Mall again, i will never stay until 6pm because transportation is very difficult.

I detest SM management for not looking into the convenience of their clients. It was my first unforgetabble valentine's experience in Cebu, and so ridiculous.

Lucky Me

Wow! After 21 days from my registration, i was finally approved by blogsvertise. I feel so proud i now consider myself an "official blogger". Albeit my probation status, i could be given tasks and paid though at reduced rates, at first. This is an extra income i have long been wanting for. Thanks, blogsvertise!My daughter, who is 19-year old, was so happy, too with my approval status. I convinced her to join the blogging mania, which is fun and earn income at the same time. She will follow suit.Thanks, Rosemarie for the help in setting up my blog lay-out and for all and future help you will extend. Ludi, thanks for coming up with my display name. May your tribe increase! (especially to Ludi, hehe.)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

tagged award

Got this award from rosemarie, which was passed on from francine. Thank you, lot! You truly deserve this award. Timely now, i feel i have a biggest heart because blogsvertise approved my registration. This is a truly memorable award for me!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Up and about again

Since January 30 its just now that im back. It's been a rat race for me since the start of this month of February. I have scheduled a training for one of my clients, the newly elected barangay officials of Tolosa, Leyte, a Barangay Governance Development Program (BGDP) training and this will be held in Cebu City. How happy the barangay officials are! Most of them are "first-timers" to travel to Cebu City, a historic place rich in heroic memories of galant heroes way back in the Spaniards colonial era of the Philippines.

Today, is a breather for me. All "systems-go" for the training. I will be there from February 10 to February 14. Ouch, valentines day away from home. Anyway, i will try to be back on February 15 then.

I want to be active again in blogging. I enjoy blogging. Wish i were into this a long time ago.


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