Monday, February 25, 2008

Bohol Province, Here We Come!

My class in the graduate school is planning to have an educational tour to Bohol. This is in lieu of the Hongkong Trip that was cancelled because majority of the class have problems with their birth certificates hence, they can't get their passport sooner at the Department of Foreign Affairs. And so, local trip was resorted to and Bohol was the class' choice. I have not gone to Bohol yet but i heard a lot about it already. It is famous of its Chocolate Hills, its tarsiers and the Bohol dialect which have lots of "j's" in its lingo, like "unja na" ("unya na" in Bisaya, all mean "later" as translated in English.

Will sure enjoy and have fun with a group of 16. We would be going there on March 27-30, 2008. This is an educational tour, so the main destination of the trip is to visit a public university, to know the school programs and learn replicable methods worthy of emulation. The university visit will be half-day. Trip within Bohol province to its tourist destinations will be whole day, not the basic purpose, huh? This will be paid through our personal expense, ouch! Anyway, slimmer our pockets may become, Bohol Province, here we come!

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irish said...

a certified boholana over here. AJA!


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