Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cellphones and Computers, Bane or Boon?

In 1998 where prepaid cellphones were an "in" thing among old and young folks alike, i was very happy to be offered a second hand cellphone, for a 3-month installment term, from a friend's cousin in Manila. I remember how happy i was to acquire my first cellphone, it felt like i belong to the modern generation. Since then, i am able to make contacts to people from even far and different areas. I save time and effort, as a consequence. However, my budget was affected for the convenience of having a cellphone. Each week, i consume a 3hundred-peso prepaid card. I learned, though to be economical by texting because it is at P1 peso per send to any network than making calls, which is P12-peso per minute. The average P1,000 per month which may have been used to feed my children or buy their other necessities was the painful price i had to pay in exchange of being modernized and being "in" in the modern circulation.

Computers in the office has been convenient to use than the traditional typewriters. Stenciling forms and re-typing the same messages to different addressees was eliminated when the office adhered to computerization. I bought a computer too, at home despite its expensive cost, hooked the computer to the internet in order to be entertained and be "in" in the modern technlogy. My children's school requirements and papers were made accessible through the internet. Like the cellphones, i also pay the high cost of convenience computers and internet had to offer. Electricity bills soared high. Children had less of outdoor exercises because they can play different online games for over six hours before the computer without any sweat. Less interaction occurred between us. Homeworks tend to be forgotten, consciously or unconsciously, because computer games are more prioritized. Worst of all, kids learned to access the pornographic websites in the internet, which was too late for me to realize, but somehow i am happy i detected it because i was able to prevent its recurrence. Every now and then, i have to visit school and ask my son's classmates and teachers to check for any recurrence of cutting classes due to internet sprees during classes time.

Modern technologies pose many advantages to me personally, but however, the disadvantages are at par too with its advantages. I used to ask, is modernization of the world through this cellphones and computers, a bane or a boon? The answer is left on me to discern, and in reverberating sounds, it says IT DEPENDS on how i will utilize these modern day products of science.

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