Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Classes Suspended, Yehey!

My children went to school early today but went home right after because classes are suspended. Some classrooms are being used as evacuation centers to families whose houses are submerged in floodwaters. As a kid then, when classes are suspended its a rejoicing moment. I played with friends and we go somewhere else. I understand how my kids feel now, too. They can play games in the computer and watch tv. Somehow i am happy that they stay home rather than be with friends somewhere else. I figure teachers like it too when they dont hold classes. They can attend to their home tasks, which may have not been possible if there were classes. On the other hand, it gives disadvantages, as well for those committed teachers who are after the academic performance of the students. Be that as it may, kids would have no choice anyway, if make-up classes will be made later. What matters is now, and it was cute for my son to remark, "yehey, classes are suspended"!

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