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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dream House

A beautiful house equipped with classy and elegant accessories, accents and furnishings is every woman's dream in life. Pretty sure, if genies are true and she is made to give three wishes, any ordinary woman would ask for a beautiful and fully equipped house. I have gone to houses of some of the rich people i have come to rub elbows with. Some houses are uniquely different from the other in terms of design and home furnishings. I am fond of watching local and international tv programs, which feature homestyle and living to get concepts for my dream house. For now, everything would be dreams. Dreams do come true, sometimes.


Tey said...

Just blog about what you are comfortable blogging about. I dont realy care about the money I can make. Money will come if it really meant to come.

I love your blog too.. blogging about our day to day living is what blog shoudl be all about

Jojo said...

I agree with you. Do not start dreaming sis. They might come true.

Jojo said...

I am sorry...bakit ba naman sabi ko do not start...i was supposed to say do not stop dreaming...sorry

irish said...

My situation is not good, it doesn't favor me. We live in a rented house. But, my spirit is still high and I keep on hoping, my family is my inspiration.