Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lucky Me

Wow! After 21 days from my registration, i was finally approved by blogsvertise. I feel so proud i now consider myself an "official blogger". Albeit my probation status, i could be given tasks and paid though at reduced rates, at first. This is an extra income i have long been wanting for. Thanks, blogsvertise!My daughter, who is 19-year old, was so happy, too with my approval status. I convinced her to join the blogging mania, which is fun and earn income at the same time. She will follow suit.Thanks, Rosemarie for the help in setting up my blog lay-out and for all and future help you will extend. Ludi, thanks for coming up with my display name. May your tribe increase! (especially to Ludi, hehe.)

1 comment:

irish said...

I wonder when my blog would be approved too.I'm setting up a new one, because the old one has lots of mistakes, so I'l start up all over again. I'l inform you soon of my new blog.


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