Tuesday, February 26, 2008

People Power, Is it still working?

Yesterday was the People Power Anniversary of the Philippines, in commemoration of the ending of the authoritarian regime of then President Marcos and installing through people power President Corazon Aquino, the first woman President of the Philippines. While official activities were being veiled up for the day, many rallies were being held in some parts of Manila, staged by anti-administration people, who had long been drooling to unseat the present President, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. I don't understand what's in the nuts of these people who takes pleasure in bringing turmoil and disturbance, which tend to affect the peace and economy of the country. These critics are to me without moral ascendancy to criticize and attack the Arroyo government nor moral right to ask for Arroyo's resignation as President. Why not let her end her term of office? She had done a good deal in improving the country's economy. I admire her steadfast and firm decision not to step down. She deserves commendation and not condemnation. People have gotten wary already of destabilization efforts plotted by anti-administration people, to whoever who is in power. They already realized that for a change to effect in this country, it has to change from within the selves of many individuals especially those who are mighty and influential. People power is still working, not to destabilize the Philippine Government, but to give chance to the empowered to give direction for the nation's development.

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