Friday, February 22, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

It has been raining hard for almost 15 days already. Against expectations that February would be the start of sunny season as prelude to summer time, it's been and is still pouring hard instead. Many houses along riparian and low-lying areas are submerged in waters. Household members either evacuate to higher places or prefer to stay at their dwellings and wade their ways amid knee-deep muddy waters. My place is not spared, too of flooding. When there is heavy downpouring of rains, the drainage system seem so slow in absorbing water due maybe that it is full or it may have many clogged silts, which hinders the fast flow of waters. As a result, the roads get flooded. We are left with no option, but to trod the waters especially when we're on our way out to office and when kids are on their way to school. Rainy days bring to many people colds and fever. Me and my youngest son is not spared of colds, too.

Personally, rainy days give me advantages. My room airconditioning unit is relaxed because the weather is cold already. It means lesser electricity bill. On the other hand, water from our faucets are at constant 24/7, when rainy.The water system company increases the water pressure from the source. The bath shower works ; which, is unlikely when sunny.

Sunny, rainy, then rainy to sunny. This only indicates, in this world nothing is permanent. For whatever the rain gives, i am assured like in the old song, that the sun will always come out after the rain. I have adapted this as a guiding principle to have a positive outlook in life. True enough despite the painful adversities that happened and will happen to me in the future, i remain steadfast in every rainy experience that the sun will come out tomorrow.

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