Saturday, March 1, 2008

Teaching Kids How To Be Entrepreneurs

Summer vacation is just a few weeks away! Before you know it, children will be hopping around with friends in the neighborhood. In my place, the once lonely streets of the subdivision will be expectedly filled with children playing basketball and volleyball. Adults as well will enjoy hanging out with friends in the neighborhood, a vacation, too from conducting their children to and from school. They used to play their favorite badminton in their improvised court nearby. This coming May, the traditonal Sta. Cruz de Mayo, month-long celebrated, will get kids busy at night for the nightly procession, chanting the prayer in a song and will joyously share whatever refreshments or food prepared by the night's host. I am planning to finance for my two sons, Arjan and Arjay and niece Angelica, a small halo-halo store. This would teach them to imbibe the value of entreprenuerism and put their idle time to learning important skills benefecial to them in the future. I will loan them all the initial expenses, they manage and invest the sales and ensure profit. This will teach them how to acquire managerial, entrepreneurial and marketing skills. Initial talks to them about this business proposal made them excited. I will be right behind them as their business consultant.


Jojo said...

I remember my childhood days selling polvoron and yema in school. It sure taught me how to earn money and save them. probs about the tag. Let me know when it is ready.

Rosemarie said...

huh, nice idea for sure your sons and niece will do good in this business especially that halo halo is in during summer.

irish said...

children should be taught financial literacy, which the school failed to do.