Saturday, February 9, 2008

Up and about again

Since January 30 its just now that im back. It's been a rat race for me since the start of this month of February. I have scheduled a training for one of my clients, the newly elected barangay officials of Tolosa, Leyte, a Barangay Governance Development Program (BGDP) training and this will be held in Cebu City. How happy the barangay officials are! Most of them are "first-timers" to travel to Cebu City, a historic place rich in heroic memories of galant heroes way back in the Spaniards colonial era of the Philippines.

Today, is a breather for me. All "systems-go" for the training. I will be there from February 10 to February 14. Ouch, valentines day away from home. Anyway, i will try to be back on February 15 then.

I want to be active again in blogging. I enjoy blogging. Wish i were into this a long time ago.

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