Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Ridiculous Valentine Special

I can't help but write this very unforgettable and ridiculous February 14 experience in Cebu at the SM megamall. I happened to go there with all training participants of my BGDP training, after their leisure trip to Mactan Shrine, Taoist Temple and Magellan's Cross. The shopping, window-shopping and promenading in this big mall seemed so overwhelming, at first. Tacloban City, where i live, has no big malls like in Cebu. Time flies so fast in the mall, and without knowing it, it was almost time to get luggages left at the Traveller's Lounge and head for the training center where we were billeted.

Amid a long queue of people waiting for taxis, we patiently lined-up behind the last person in line. We waited and waited and waited but no vacant taxi ever came. It was raining hard so we had no choice but wait. When the waiting seemed intolerable, we decided to walk to the highway where taxis were sure to pass. Again, never did a vacant taxi passed until we decided again to take a jeepney to any place where we could find vacant taxis. The jeepney was almost full of passengers and our luggages obstruct the passageway. Anyway, we alighted in an unfamiliar place and waited for ten minutes until we finally found a taxi. To our relief, at last we were able to get to our training center at exactly 11pm.

Valentine's Day without dinner and wet from the rain! I promised that if I ever go to this SM Mall again, i will never stay until 6pm because transportation is very difficult.

I detest SM management for not looking into the convenience of their clients. It was my first unforgetabble valentine's experience in Cebu, and so ridiculous.

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irish said...

SM is indeed big, specially that it has an extension already, the SM NORTHWING.


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