Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weather U Like it or Not

It has been raining for days, the weather news says La Niña is here to stay up to next month. This is not good enough especially that agriculture, the main source of livelihood of most Filipinos, which not just refers to farming but fishing as well, has been badly affected by this weather. Prices of basic commodities, like rice and fish, are soaring as a result of low supply. The marginalized farmers and fishermen, especially those who only rely on fishing and farming as their sole job, are hardly coping with living. Crop harvest of farmers are of low quality and of poor productivity. Sailing to sea with inclement and unpredicted weathers is very risky to most farmers, save to those who are really gutsy to brave the raging waves. My heart goes out to their children who makes absences or even worst quit schooling, suffer deprivation of eating meals three times a day, and or increase susceptibility of illness due to low resistance of the body. I hope for the day when all will be given equal opportunity to eat, to go to school and equal opportunity to get medical treatment and medicines. I know that it will still take a long time. How i pray it will be soon, and how i pray that the plight of these marginalized people to anguish are eliminated soon. How i pray too, that La Niña won't stay long in its visit in this part of the country.

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