Monday, February 25, 2008

The Wrath for Rodents

Its time i should wage a war against these rodents! I went home from almost a weeklong travel from Cebu City and found my treasured wood cabinet ugly holed-designed by rodents. My poor cabinet did not have power to resist the boring of these rodents on its beautiful carvings. Maybe the rodents think they were good carvers than the men who made the wood carvings. I could do no less but stage a silent protest against these rodents that i could hear running about at night inside our ceiling. Niece also told me, she found our bath soaps eaten by these rodents but retains some for our consumption.

I bought a rat killer earlier today. I will try to massacre these rodents that destroy the beauty of my wood cabinet and who kept on eating as dinner our soaps. Let me see if they can still continue spreading havoc on my place. I expect these rodents to live no more in my house tomorrow and the days to come, as they will be dead once they eat the proven effective bait i gave them. I have reserved some baits, too to future uninvited rodents especially those that would invade, pester and destroy our properties.

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