Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Caught in the Maze of Confusion

There are people who are caught in the maze of confusion on what shoes to buy in malls or boutiques. But I don’t. Speaking of shoes, I have earned that “imeldific” (after Imelda Romuladez Marcos) madness for shoes. Shoes have always been one of my vanities. Like any other woman, I see to it that my shoes match with my bag or my dress. In a wide array of shoes in malls and department stores, ranging from cheap to expensive ones and from classic to trendy ones, I always go for good quality, comfy and trendy shoes. My feet decide for me. Good quality shoes for me are signature branded ones. They could be costly, but no rush because i always take the opportunity to buy when the chosen brands of shoes are on sale so I get to avail of big discounts. Sales promo happens at least two or three times in a row per year.

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