Sunday, March 9, 2008


This summertime my youngest son, Arjan, will be CIRCUMCISED? Read that? Yeah circumcised! He will turn 12 years old this August 10, its rather late, but it's better late than never. I am not saying that being uncircumcised is wrong, it's a matter of choice anyway, it's just that my culture treasures circumcision. My elder son, Arjay, got circumcised when he was 11 years old. I remember accompanying him to the clinic with my eldest sister. Eldest sis had to be with me for support. I don't have the courage to witness the circumcision process coz i feel numb when i see fresh blood oozing from own children's body. I am that frail when it comes to my children getting hurt. Circumcision is only a removal of the outer skin of the tip of a penis. For me, there are medical benefits and risks to circumcision. Possible benefits include a lower risk of urinary tract infections, penile cancer and sexually transmitted diseases. The risks include pain and a low risk of bleeding or infection. These risks are higher for older babies, boys and men. But my son will go through circumcision and he is willing for it. I have here a video clip of an actual circumcision, from


Jojo said...

Akala ko ikaw ang icircumcise. LOL

Masakit pa naman iyan.

Sorry tagal ko nang hindi nakacomment rito. Kasi naman mag pop up na lumalabas sa blog ko kaya i was busy fixing it.

Take care

Liza said...

hi imelda! my son will be turning 12 too in july and he'll be circumcised this summer.

thank you so much for dropping by. i have just added you. please come back and check. i have posted a new article also, please feel free to comment.

take care and happy sunday.

Liza of A Simple Life

AiDiSan said...

Hi Imelda,

My son is turning 9 years old this August and I'm not sure how to motivate him to undergo circumcision. He could hear from his cousins that it's painful. I already told my husband that we'll wait for him so he'll be the one to accompany our son to be circumcised, I just don't have the guts.

Saram said...

If you are looking for any info on circumcision, I am a group leader for a group for moms who believe in circumcising, it is great place to find info and support.

I hope you'll check it out:


P.S. Circumcision shouldn't be painful to a boy. check out this link:

irish said...

I wasn't able to finish it. I couldn't take it. HUHU:)


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