Thursday, March 20, 2008

Computer Hang-Ups, Prolonged

My, i really have a rested easter holidays. My computer has bogged down. Computer technician says the motherboard has to be replaced. But computer stores now are closed until Monday. Huhuhu, that means i will be out of the circulation with you peeps.

I have been thinking that instead of replacing my motherboard, maybe i need to replace the whole CPU. This way, i will be saved from headaches, too. My CPU is 3-year old already. Well, i guess it is time for it to rest already. Anyway, i will just wait until next week when i am back from my official travel.

I will miss blogging, but i will try to find an internet cafe in Cebu. That way, i can still keep up with the blogging world. So see you all people, when i can!


Jojo said... you just go to cafes to blog?

Thank you for stopping by my dear sa blog ko. Ingat ka dyan.

irish said...

sometimes, things like that happen. :) but at least you had a break girl:)


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