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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Dirty air is a menace to the health condition of every individual. Air is polluted by gas fumes coming out of motor vehicles, heavy smokes coming from industrial homestacks and carbon monoxide from burning plastics, styrofoams and used tires. It is devastating in commercialized and urbanized areas where civilization takes its toll to the urban people.

I live in the urban area. Daily, it is a sickening thought to come out of the house freshly-bathed only to be enveloped by dirty air upon reaching the bus-waiting area. Spiteful to mention, too are the cigarette smokers inside the bus who are inconsiderate of other passengers. The Philippine government does not lack laws to punish these violators. What is needed is strict implementation of environmental laws. But, when? Maybe soon, maybe tomorrow, maybe never. I hate to think of the latter, so i will choose to be optimistic.


AiDiSan said...

I hope we Filipinos will adopt the discipline of Singaporeans to make our country polluted free and a better place to live.

Allen's sweetheart said...

Yes...hehee i guess thats the BIG PROBLEMS we are over populated in our country..

Hi imelda so sorry for the delayed ha time out muna me kc sa bloggers for the whole weekend hehehee kc nagagalit asawa ko reklamo me ng reklamo ang sakit ng kamay ko kc namamaga na its really hurts u know..sabi niya bakit daw lagi ako sa laptop hahahhaa kaya absent muna me hehhee ...thanks sa comment mo sa akin have a nice day.

irish said...

with all the controversies and issues our country is facing, huh....i doubt if this is still being taken cared of.