Thursday, March 6, 2008

Friendship and Flowers

It is very heartwarming to receive tags from friends. This one is from my adopted little sister Rosemarie who will be celebrating her birthday on Friday. Flowers lift my mood. Maybe because i was born in the month of flowers, it pokes a supple place in my heart and it makes my heart BIGGER.

I want to lift the spirits, too of Elaine and Jonah. Pass it on!


Proud Filipina married to foreigner said...

maybe anjan lang sis mostly URL ang nilagay ko heheee pero i'll made sure that i will added ur link thanks for the comments.

Jojo said...

My sis...sorry po. ngayon lang nakabisita. Sorry sorry. I hope I can keep up with my tags. May 10 tags na ako na dapat i post. LOL!

Take carez

Elaine said...

sis, ngayon ko lang din nakita, wohooo, super delayed na... anyway, thanks a lot!

I usually post all the awards tag that's given to me at the end of the month, I will keep this on my list.

Happy blogging!



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