Sunday, March 2, 2008

Make Summer Vacation of Kids Fun and Educational

How time flies! Summer time is fast approaching in the Philippines. It is a time schoolchildren look forward to. Time out for assignments, research papers, recitations, bully classmates, school presentations, projects as well as relief from the agony of having to wrestle with chock-full bags all schooldays of the week. Most of all, parents tend to give profuse tolerance on TV viewings and computer games. My kids’ greatest glories is summertime, too. But, just like last year, this coming summer they will be entrepreneurs by selling halo-halo. I am also thinking of enrolling them again for their one-hour organ lessons. Education is an unending quest for knowledge and learning is effective if the learner enjoys in the process of learning. They are receptive to these summer plans for them, in fact they can’t wait to start already. Children should be indulged in short time educational activities that interest them. It will enhance their potentials and hone their skills.

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AiDiSan said...

Hi Imelda,

I agree with you. Both kids & parents are actually excited when summer time comes.

I'll to enrol my boy in karate lesson while my daughter will either be in a music or ballet class.

Their summer should be productive as much as possible.

Have a great day!


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