Thursday, March 13, 2008


Pets draw people closer to nature. They make people in commune with the Divine Creator. Some choose to pet dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and snakes. I will never, even for free, make snakes collection as my hobby. I find it spooky.
My children chose fish. We have a small aquarium and in it is a killer fish. Never imagined there is such a fish as killer fish. As the name implies, it kills fellow fishes. It can't be mingled with other fishes because it preys on all types of fishes in the Kingdom Animalia. How lonely the life of this fish can be! Well, i don't know if it can still kill sharks and whales (Just tickling my wildest imagination because i know it can't, it is so small). Inside the aquarium, we put a "DO NOT DISTURB" signage. Upon second thought, i surmised the more apt signage if there was, could have been "NO FISH IS AN ISLAND".

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irish said...

hahahahha:) funny one. good thing its not the PIRANHA....ahhaha:)