Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I thank Nova for giving me this opportunity to ask these things about myself, which i just don't bother to ponder until now.  You will also get to know more about me, and you my readers, too out there.

I'm tagging Gagay  and Rosemarie, too.

I AM… a working mother.
I WANT…to become a lawyer, and if not, i want to migrate to the US
I HAVE… three children, one daughter and two sons
I WISH…i were rich so i can build a compound of houses for my family and i wish i can build a school for the poor children and teach them myself
I HATE...inconsiderate and unreasonable people.
I FEAR… marriage, i can't take another marriage failure
I SEARCH…for proper ways to do things and if i can't i shout for help
I WONDER…why man has to toil and suffer
I REGRET…having scratched my itchy leg, it gets bruised
I LOVE…my family
I ALWAYS…try not to offend people, but if it can't be helped, prepare
I AM NOT…one who can hide my inner feelings, my eyes and body language show it
I DANCE…in parties, ballroom, with a knowledgeable dance partner
I SING…along with the TV videoke whenever i blog so as not to get sleepy
I CRY....whenever i get depressed
I WRITE…my scheduled tasks coz i tend to forget, symptomatic of becoming old, lol
I WON…in singing contests, in table tennis and track and field sports way back in my elementary and high school years
I AM CONFUSED…when things aren't explained well
I NEED…to struggle my children through their studies and personal needs
I SHOULD...patiently wait for God's-given husband at the right time


JeFF & NoVa said...

te meldz.. thank u for doing the tag, this way, it helps me know something about you as a person.

magandang umaga sa iyo...

irish said...

hi sexy mom, thanks for letting us get to know you more.

Tey said...

Hi Imelda how are. It's been a while... I have a new domain Paki add naman to your links, if you dont mind.. I added your already
here is the link..

Allen's Darling said...

tags for u dear...


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