Monday, March 3, 2008

WazUp with Idol Asia's Songbird, Regine Velasquez?

My favorite singer, the songbird of Asia, Regine Velasquez, almost lost her job after getting herself into “confusion” between Philippines Prime TV stations, GMA and ABS-CBN. The public was startled in the February 16 showing of SOP at GMA when Regine rendered a very dramatic and tear-stricken goodbye to the public and to her colleagues at GMA. Impliedly, it was Regine’s gesture of saying goodbye to GMA and hello to ABS-CBN. However, when she was interviewed during the February 23 “The Buzz” program at ABS-CBN, Regine confirmed that she had not signed any contract yet from ABS-CBN and that since February 16, she was not contacted by ABS-CBN anymore. The issue of piracy of talents is being hurled against ABS-CBN. Regine made an appeal to ABS-CBN to contact her and straighten out things. With the present situation, she expressed she neither have a job at GMA nor at ABS-CBN. Things must have been ironed out soon after that. Recent developments, though confirmed that she is remaining with GMA.

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Jojo said...

Wow!!! Bakit naman ganun. Nakakahiya sa side ni Regine. Favorite singer ko pa naman siya. Hope she is fine now.


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