Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ashop Commerce Payment Gateway

Choices in life does not come easy. I must know it because i have made a lot of choices myself but not all were the best.  Some proved to be traumatic but they are not enough reasons for me not to strive for perfection and and not to be keen never to be wrong again.  

The same goes, too with choices for products and stores. Whenever i prove something that have caused me dissatisfaction, there is no sense for me to be patronizing that particular product or store. Anybody will agree with me, that customer satisfaction and delight is what matters in the choice of products and stores. There is one online shopping store, which is globally acknowledged for its award winning shopping cart software. It is no other than Ashop Commerce.  Aside from attracting many shoppers online, it likewise magnets many merchants to sell online. One of these, is the Nochex online payment services. Ashop Commerce ensures profitability to its merchants that provides online payment company, specialising in providing smaller online businesses with simple, accessible, easy to use, online payment services.  It is really great to get connected with Ashop Commerce.

Shopping Cart Software

Every Saturday i make it a point to shop for the weeklong consumption of my family at a big department store. This department store is my choice because it is a store that has it all. They sell food, dry goods and hardwares. I move around the department store with a shopping cart, and i am lucky if i get the one that is not clunky. No choice, when there are not any pushing cart around anymore. And my torment is full if in paying i would have to be at the back of the long queu of payers alike. Normally, I linger for around two hours in shopping for foods and groceries, and more if i shop for clothes and kitchen utensils. Whenever I arrive home, i immediately find refuge in my bed to rest my super tired body.

Thanks to modern technology. There are available shopping stores online where one would not have to personally shop on stores. But beware. A number of them would let one opt instead to have gone to shop personally than be entangled in the internet for long hours and not having to shop at all. At, online shopping has never been so more fast, convenient, easy, tireless, hassle-free and accessible in their shopping cart software.  This online store software is easy to access, user-friendly and offers loads of intuitive features. Ashop Commerce offers a free trial demonstration to prove the efficiency of their ecommerce software. Ashop Commerce maintains it to being one of the most popular shopping carts in the world.

Casino Review Bonuses

In my travel to Cebu City, i have gone with friends to a casino. Honestly, i don't know much about gambling, but for curiosity sake we went to this plosh casino. There were a lot of people, i should say, rich people who bet chips of different colors, and i came to know later that chips represents money. I talk this out to a friend and he told me he plays casino, too and online. However, before he does so, he surfs through the net to review casino bonuses for different casino and casino games that i know nothing of. He reviews at for game experience, trust score  from approved American sites and of course,  he reviews for bonuses.  I always bid him good luck and may he win.  

The last time i visited this casino in Cebu, along with classmates, we observed many women playing casino games. We were startled when at one area, about 4 women started applauding, they seem so happy and all eyes were on them from different angles of the casino area. We went near and learned that the player won with a substantial amount of money. They left the area very happy.

Bad Credit Offers

It is really too bad when you needed money much for very important expenditures but you can not source money anymore from your existing credit card companies because your credit line has been severed for poor payments. Oh, what a tragedy if it happens that a member of your family is in a very critical condition in the hospital or if you need to pay the school, electric, water and other bills. You will feel as if your hanging on a thread where to get the much needed money. In this situations, here is an online site that gives relief to people with bad credit credit cards. It is offered by and it is a way of giving a second chance to borrowers who were at first established to have a no good reputation on credits cards and bad credit loans. Home loans, auto loans and other personal loans would not any more be a problem as long as this time around if you were extended the second chance to avail of credit cards and credit loans, you will try to establish a good reputation. Isn't it nice to be given another chance to rebuild the once tarnished reputation?

Bad Credit Loans

There is a craze about credit cards in my office. True, it is very convenient and safe to shop anytime if one has a credit card. A friend in the US told me that she has many credit cards as it is the most used in buying personally or shopping online. While credit card agents are telling the best about their credit card offers, I thought about having second thoughts as it is something that has to be thought about, indeed. Luckily i came across a site which can provide comparison across other bad credit loans. For the many out there who would want to get credit cards, it is time that you really have to be so keen and scrutinizing. Try this site, and get the one which can offer the best value for your money. I will be calling my friend in California, too so she could be apprised of this bad credit loans online site. I am sure she would be interested to surf in here along with her other friends, too.

Blowing Temper

I just got back from work, tired and wary only to find out a big mess my kids got into at home. The water pipe connection connecting to the water meter was damaged and water was gushing from the pipe. Practically, the outside flooring from the gate is wet and it may be splashing more tonight as the water pressure increases. I can't contact anymore a plumber as it is night already. My niece tie some "first aid" knot to lessen the oozing waters. I could cry! I am mad! My temper wears out with this and i recall that last week my elder son lost my new mp4 worth 4thousand pesos, it was just a week old. This time it was my youngest son who broke the water pipe as he sat on it. Gosh, i kept mum, instead. Maybe, later when my head cools off, i will talk to both of them. As usual, they are still the same little boys, clumsy and hyper active and testing my temper. Whew, more patience, mama. You have no choice, but to.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pharmacy Needs at

It is inevitable to get sick. Young and old alike is not exempted to get sick once in awhile. When symptoms persist, it is very important to see the doctor and be a good patient, take the medications prescribed by the physician. Nowadays, it is not taxing to be going to drugstores, there are a lot of online drugstores. Speaking of online drugstores, there is this online pharmacy at and they sell a variety of pharmacy needs including generic cialis. For your pharmacy needs, try this.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sea Turtle

A sea turtle was found over the seashore barangay here in Tolosa, Leyte where i am assigned. It was a big sea turtle. Seemingly because of the big waves due to heavyrains, the sea turtle was pushed ashore. Obviously, the people who found it were properly educated to report sightings of these endangered species to the nearest authorities, they reported the matter to the police station. The latter, together with the Municipal Agirculture personnel fetched the sea turtle to the municipal building, while waiting for Department of Environment and Natural Resources personnel to get the found species. The sea turtle, following procedural requirement by the DENR, will be returned back to the sea, to its original habitat.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


It is Sunday here and it is raining.  I decided to cook spaghetti, the kid's favorite pasta.  In other day's when i cook spaghetti, i sometimes don't find it yummy.  I always try to experiment on my cooking and this time around, i got it yummy.  The secret?  Aside from the other usual ingredients, I used the italian spaghetti sauce with parmesan cheese, added a little of condensed milk and spiced in pork cubes seasoning to get a salty, sweet and sour taste.  The kids love it, and i liked it too.  

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fiesta Celebrations

In my place, starting from the month of April, fiesta celebrations abound.  Just like last night I happen to attend a pre-fiesta invitation at the house of a friend who works as a regional trial court judge.  Their place was just near my station so i went their directly from work.  There were only a handful of visitors, but i am sure today, which is the actual fiesta day, visitors would be storming at around lunchtime.  There were a lot of food over the table, and pastries too.  Whew, cholesterol!  Not good for people who are on diet to be attending fiesta invitations.  Today, i have an invitation again at another friend's house.  Maybe, i will 
go there this afternoon after office hours.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My son is taking organ lessons for this summer. Before the summer classes started he cut his fingernails, which he let grow for almost two weeks. Why do fingernails grow, he once asked me?

The nails are flattened, elastic structures which are relics of claws. They consist largely of compressed keratin, and are in fact greatly thickened areas of the epidermis. The keratin of the nails can absorb large amounts of water, particularly during a warm soak. This is why nails are softer, and much easier to cut, after a bath.

On average, fingernails grow by half a millimetre or so a week; toenails grow a little more slowly. Growth is said to be quicker in the summer than in winter, and is most rapid in the longer digits.

Nails sometimes have white flecks. When i was a little child, i was told that if you have white flecks in your nails, you have many friends. Mine had no white flecks, so I would hide my nails in order not to be tagged as having no friends. How i laughed when i read that the white flecks that sometimes appear in the nails are due to minute air bubbles in the nail structure.

Red Flower

I received this lovely beautiful flower from Rosemarie. Very appropriate to start my day. Thanks, lot!

I would like also to thank Joy for giving me the same flower. I very much appreciate the care and thoughtfulness. Have a good day!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I was in Cebu .. .

It is glad to be back. I was in Cebu since Friday and i got home this afternoon. Practically my weekend turned up to be a working one. Public service so requires, so i have to obey.

I happen to go to one of the big malls yesterday night while in Cebu. There was a summer sale for up to 50% discount on all items. I bought rubber shoes for my two sons and i availed of a big discount. As my shopping time was limited i was not able to buy stuff for me and my daughter. I hurried back to the training venue where a dinner party was sponsored by the governor.

If i had ample of time, i could have bought the kids schoolwear. It is better in Cebu because there are a lot of choices to choose from unlike here in Tacloban.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Life is full of ups and downs.  Havocs to life come unpredictably.  Never cease hoping.  A promise of bright future lies ahead. To all my readers, may you always . . . .

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Music and Mood

I was born with an inclination to music.  I love to sing and i love to listen to good music.  Yesterday, my cellfone was downloaded with my favorite music hits through bluetooth.  I have long been wanting to download hits through the internet but the USB data cable of the cellfone is not available. Thanks to an officemate who shared her compiled hits and who took the downloading herself.  I was not in a good mood yesterday.  I was depressed.  As usual, whenever i do, music and crying is my refuge.  The kind of music that i play depends upon my mood.  Whenever i am depressed i play the lively ones. When i am happy, i play both the lively and the melancholy songs.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Worldwide Link Love

Here's a tag from AiDisan.Thank you very my friend.

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Social Network About Paranormal at

I am always fascinated by out of this world stories and movies. Even for novels, i am fond of reading mystery and thriller pocketbooks. That is why, i feel excited with this new website i found in the internet dealing on Social Network about Paranormal and UFO.This is quiet new because i can join with friends who have the same paranormal phenomena like UFO, ghosts, crop circles and so on. Gee, i can't wait to create a circle of friends with the same interests as i do. This is so exciting, this may sound weird to others, but i find this fun.


This is the second episode of my posts on color meanings. The first one was blue. As i have promised i am featuring the color meaning of green. Green happens to be my favorite color. So guys, here it is:

Green = is the color of harmony and balance;
= symbolizes hope, renewal and peace, and is usually liked by the gentle and sincere
= Greens are generally frank, community-minded people, fairly sociable but preferring peace at any price
= Green people can be too self-effacing, modest and patient, so they may get exploited by others. They are usually refined, civilized and reputable.

I may feature other color meanings, but you have to write your choice in the comments under this post. I will be very glad to be at your service.

Go Social, Join the 3GB

Nothing is impossible nowadays. Meeting old and new friends from wherever part of the globe is accessible through the Internet. Chatting with them is available in real time and in real person,either one on one or in group. Uploading and downloading photos is fastest. One's Opinions, ideas and reviews can also be made through blogging. A lot of medium in the internet is available, but here is one which offers just the best of the above services. Feel free to join 3gb community Wait no more. Enjoy being updated in the net, join the 3GB community.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Color Meaning-BLUE

Each individual has a preference over colors. Consciously or unconsciously, he exemplifies it in the clothes he wears, in the color of his other personal things, home decorations and even in the desktop of his computer. What is your favorite color? If you have, did u know that colors have meanings? Colors symbolizes many things. In this episode, i am going to give the meaning of color blue. If you are one whose fave is blue or maybe just interested to know what clor blue means, this is for you!

Blue = means peace, calm and cool;
= it conveys importance and confidence
= darker blue, is associated with intelligence, stability, unity,
= and conservatism (no wonder police officers and corporate people
wear blue)
= in religious beliefs it is believed to keep the bad
spirits away.
In Iran, blue is the color of mourning;
while in the West the something blue bridal tradition represents love.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Next episode i am going to feature the color meaning of GREEN, my favorite.

Rice Shortage, Anyone?

All over the news and for a month now, rice shortage has always been a constant topic. These are coupled with photos of people lining up to buy rice. These photos and the news prints say that their is panic buying because of rice shortage.

Actually, there is no panic buying and there is no rice shortage. I can vouch that there is none in my place, none in the town where i am presently working and none in the towns i have been to recently. It is just the tri-media sensationalizing the issue. Where there are long queue of people, is where cheaper rice from the government are sold by store owners.

It can not even be said to be a long queue compared to the people lining up during lunchtime at jollibeee,mcdonalds,chowking and other reputable food stores. Media people should refrain from making it appear to the whole world that Philippines is in that bad state of condition.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Computer Troubleshooting Dream Died Out

Troubleshooting the computer has been my obsession, lately. I inquired from computer schools if they offer a crash course program for computer technician. Lucky enough because a classmate, who works in a prestigious computer business school here in Tacloban, informed me about the one-month summer program for computer technician. Just what i wanted! I sent somebody to enroll for me as i was in Cebu. Classes are to be held during Saturdays from 8:00-12:00. Too bad, because the classes started last Saturday. I missed the classes and i will miss the classes again next Saturday as i would be leaving again for Cebu. I am deciding now to refund my money. Will try next time, maybe i won't be so busy then.

Join the 3GB Community and Have Fun

I am happy to have found this new website that can increase traffic to my blog and get this much coveted inreased page rank. Aside from increasing my page rank, i can meet new friends,post my photos and hear and download the latest MP3 hits. To my readers, fellow bloggers, i advise you to join 3gb community Get an enjoyable netlife and do it right here at 3GB community.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Inter-racial Marriages

At the Ormoc terminal going to Cebu, i started counting. I started counting the couples who have obvious inter-racial marriages, or partnerships so i can never go wrong. And, i counted nine. All have filipina partners. From the male partners, i figured eight caucasians and one black.

I am happy for all the filipinas who have married foreign nationals. And i am happy for the foreign national, too for having filipina partners. Pretty sure, these foreign nationals are lucky as they found caring, loving, considerate, understanding and patient partners in a filipina. Most of all, filipinas value marriage as an inviolable and sacred union, until death do them part. To the foreign partners of filipinas, be proud of your filipina wife. Filipinas deserve respect and loyalty, too from their partners. I wish i can be married, too soon, to one who is God-send.

Weather Temperature

I am now in Cebu, peeps.I checked on my yahoo early this morning when i left for Ormoc in coming here to Cebu, Tacloban City's temperature registered a 34 degrees Celsius. It is becoming hot as it is already summertime, however occasional rainshowers occur and i am thankful everytime it rains because the environment somehow gets cooler.

When i arrived here in Cebu, i checked again the temperature on My Yahoo over my cellfone. To my amazement, there is a 37 degrees Celsius temperature. It is really seering hot. Peeps in Cebu and those who would want to come here, brace yourself for a hot temperature and for an even hotter one on the next month, according to the weather forecast.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Web Articles Directory

Doing school researches have undergone a major change from the traditional way of accessing reference materials to the modern way that we have now. I remember during my schooldays whenever my teacher would assign us to do a research paper as a subject requirement, i would go to the big public library downtown. Our public library has tall bookshelves, as tall as our backyard papaya tree. To access the books up above the shelves, we would climb up a movable steel staircase, which is taller than the bookshelf. It was good enough, that book indices were a great help to locate the number of the books i would want to browse through. When i would have find my books, the librarian would not allow anybody to lend the books outside for photocopying. One day was not enough to be copying important text and references for a comprehensive research paper.

But, that was then. Today, with the great leap of modern technology from the traditional one, researching, browsing and reading articles have gone a major breakthrough in the Internet. Web services is a premium educational resource right at the click of the mouse.  It offers a wide range of publications and resources for various topics and subjects. The reference materials are categorically arranged according to different topics and subjects. Web articles directory are continually adding more to its collection of references or sources. Anybody may submit his original articles, including the bloggers to increase traffic to their blog, as long as the articles have not been published yet in the Internet.

How i wish during my time internet was already a fad. Doing researches would not have been so time consuming and so tiring but would rather would have been easy, fast comprehensive and enjoying.

Busy Mommy

Today was a real busy day for me.  I started the day very early and prepared for my speaking engagement in a municipality, which is almost one and a half travel from my place.  When i finished, i traveled back again to my city for another speaking engagement.  The whole afternoon i have been talking.  I left for home in time to get my travelling bag for my Cebu City speaking engagement tomorrow.  I feel so tired and apprehensive to leave without even talking to my children about what they have been doing the whole day while i was away.  Good that when i begged off to my colleague, if i could instead leave early morning tomorrow, she acceded.  It is hard sometimes to be a worker and at the same time a mother. For me, nothing is more important than the welfare of my children. Bonding moments is always a thing I treasure. No matter how busy I am, I always take time to attend personally to the kid's needs and to always find time to have pep talks with them. Children need to be showed they are loved. Pep talks to children make them feel that their affairs matter and it is an indirect way of my surveillance over their associations with friends and their present interests. This way, i detect misbehaviors and I immediately correct them as soon as detected, in a subtle way. It is hard to be parent, a working parent . . a very busy parent, for now.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Fuel Efficiency in Engine Capsules?

Cars nowadays are sought of by users because of necessity than luxury. Car manufacturers produce an array of car models, which offer improvements of previous models, with exquisite body finish and with engines that are technologically tested to be fuel-efficient. People who are knowledgeable about cars, choose the recent car models which promise longer mileage travel at a lesser fuel.

It is just wise to consider the cost of fuel when buying a car as the cost of gasoline and diesel continue to soar. When i was in Albuera, Leyte i was introduced to this Canadian national who is into promoting and selling this capsule for engines for a guaranteed up to 18% fuel efficiency in all motor vehicles. I was given two (2) sample capsules, and was also given a membership form if i was interested to market this engine capsule product. Later, i knew that the mode of earning was through a "pyramid" system, a system where one earns from the registration of his uplines and downlines, and earning was dependent upon the recruitment of the downlines for additional members. The registration costs Php5,000.00 pesos.Out of this registration, the registered member will be given 40 pieces capsules, which can be sold at Php 150.00 pesos or a total of Php6,000.00 for the 40 capsules. To achieve fuel efficiency one capsule will be put in the engine to a 40 to 60 liters fuel. I was advised that this was a scam. I figured the same thing, too. I did not register.

Online Travel Business

It is always fun to travel to interesting and exotic places with families and friends. I am delighted everytime i see in the faces of my children and kins how happy they are when a get away is announced. Their faces are undescribable as they savor and treasure every minute and second of the get away treat. They just don't know the expenses incurred in every family get away, how hard it is to save every single penny in preparation for an enjoyable vacation treat for them.

But not anymore! Here is a promising internet travel network at , which offer a business opportunity right at the comfort of the computer hooked to the internet and travel. I would like to try this online travel business as it seems to be a lucrative and profitable business. I can, as well, earn big discounts from my own personal travels and that of my family.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Week That I Was Off. . . .

I have been off from blogging for almost a week. I have been having speaking engagements for different municipalities conducted in far areas.  Before that, i have been to Cebu City for the educational trip requirement in one of my subjects under my masteral studies.  When i went home, i found my computer bogged down again. Whatever money i got from my speaking engagements were just used for my educational trip to Cebu City and for my computer repair, just even.  

I hope to be active again and make updates on my blog for my readers and friends.  I miss reading their blogs, too.  I thank my friends for peeping on my blog. 

I am back now people, see you around then.


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