Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blowing Temper

I just got back from work, tired and wary only to find out a big mess my kids got into at home. The water pipe connection connecting to the water meter was damaged and water was gushing from the pipe. Practically, the outside flooring from the gate is wet and it may be splashing more tonight as the water pressure increases. I can't contact anymore a plumber as it is night already. My niece tie some "first aid" knot to lessen the oozing waters. I could cry! I am mad! My temper wears out with this and i recall that last week my elder son lost my new mp4 worth 4thousand pesos, it was just a week old. This time it was my youngest son who broke the water pipe as he sat on it. Gosh, i kept mum, instead. Maybe, later when my head cools off, i will talk to both of them. As usual, they are still the same little boys, clumsy and hyper active and testing my temper. Whew, more patience, mama. You have no choice, but to.


AiDiSan said...

hi sis,

better not say a word when your furious, if you do, you might regret it afterwards.

talk to the kids when anger subsided, that way, you have an open mind with their cute reasons...hehehe.

Rosemarie said...

hay....lower your temper

JeFf & NoVa said...

i'm so sorry that you felt this way sis.. i know your tired from work and all you see at home is a messy place..

kapuy pud biya diba?

talk to ur kids calmly kaya i'm sure next time when they see mommy is coming home, they will help you cleaning the whole house