Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Casino Review Bonuses

In my travel to Cebu City, i have gone with friends to a casino. Honestly, i don't know much about gambling, but for curiosity sake we went to this plosh casino. There were a lot of people, i should say, rich people who bet chips of different colors, and i came to know later that chips represents money. I talk this out to a friend and he told me he plays casino, too and online. However, before he does so, he surfs through the net to review casino bonuses for different casino and casino games that i know nothing of. He reviews at for game experience, trust score  from approved American sites and of course,  he reviews for bonuses.  I always bid him good luck and may he win.  

The last time i visited this casino in Cebu, along with classmates, we observed many women playing casino games. We were startled when at one area, about 4 women started applauding, they seem so happy and all eyes were on them from different angles of the casino area. We went near and learned that the player won with a substantial amount of money. They left the area very happy.

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