Monday, April 7, 2008

Fuel Efficiency in Engine Capsules?

Cars nowadays are sought of by users because of necessity than luxury. Car manufacturers produce an array of car models, which offer improvements of previous models, with exquisite body finish and with engines that are technologically tested to be fuel-efficient. People who are knowledgeable about cars, choose the recent car models which promise longer mileage travel at a lesser fuel.

It is just wise to consider the cost of fuel when buying a car as the cost of gasoline and diesel continue to soar. When i was in Albuera, Leyte i was introduced to this Canadian national who is into promoting and selling this capsule for engines for a guaranteed up to 18% fuel efficiency in all motor vehicles. I was given two (2) sample capsules, and was also given a membership form if i was interested to market this engine capsule product. Later, i knew that the mode of earning was through a "pyramid" system, a system where one earns from the registration of his uplines and downlines, and earning was dependent upon the recruitment of the downlines for additional members. The registration costs Php5,000.00 pesos.Out of this registration, the registered member will be given 40 pieces capsules, which can be sold at Php 150.00 pesos or a total of Php6,000.00 for the 40 capsules. To achieve fuel efficiency one capsule will be put in the engine to a 40 to 60 liters fuel. I was advised that this was a scam. I figured the same thing, too. I did not register.

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