Monday, April 21, 2008

I was in Cebu .. .

It is glad to be back. I was in Cebu since Friday and i got home this afternoon. Practically my weekend turned up to be a working one. Public service so requires, so i have to obey.

I happen to go to one of the big malls yesterday night while in Cebu. There was a summer sale for up to 50% discount on all items. I bought rubber shoes for my two sons and i availed of a big discount. As my shopping time was limited i was not able to buy stuff for me and my daughter. I hurried back to the training venue where a dinner party was sponsored by the governor.

If i had ample of time, i could have bought the kids schoolwear. It is better in Cebu because there are a lot of choices to choose from unlike here in Tacloban.

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