Friday, May 23, 2008


It is fun taking the tags of friends as a way of knowing more each other. This time, Mia and Marilyn tagged me. This tag is a "girlie thing", you know, women's vanities.

My Foundation: None, i just apply a face powder, Maybelline New York brand, light color
My Mascara: I don't apply mascara.
My Blush: I don't apply blush-ons.
My Day Cream: None.
My Lipstick: Maybelline brand, Fresh Cherry #43 color.
My Essential Beauty Product: None in particular as long as my skin feels good with it.
My favorite Make-up product: I don't wear make-ups, but if i would i would go for Maybelline's.
My Perfume: I go for mild sweet smelling ones.
My Nails: I have my nails polished at least twice a month in the salon and love them polished with "touch of tan" color.
My Feet: I apply Jergens lotion after each bath and before sleeping. I feel great whenever i get to buy a Victorias Secret lotion. Why, it is so expensive and it just smells terrific. I have now Victorias Secret Lotion, Pure Seduction variation.
My hands: Same with my feet.
Women I admire for their beauty: I admire foreign beauties Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jollie. For local beauties i admire Kristine Hermosa.
Women with the best Sense of Style: Many but foremost it is me.
My ultimate dream: To be a lawyer.
My favorite fashion Publication: I don't have time to read magazines, at all.

I would like to tag my beautiful friends on the web so they could reveal their beauty secrets as well: Nova, Sunshine Babe, Rosemarie, and Pretty Life Online.


JeFf & NoVa said...

this is so funny, as i have just tagged you about you did tagged me as well..

good, exchange lang ta te mels...

sorry ha.. wla ko nag-online gahapon kay para maka-focus ko ug back-up sa mga links.. ginasapot nko kay daghan kaayo tapos na-bored ko sige copy and paste.. hehehehe...

happy weekend

Pretty Life Online said...

thanks for tagging me girl. I will let you know soon I did this


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