Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bed Bugs Effective Remedy

Bed bugs? Oh, i spite them and any blood sucker insects.

Bed bugs are essentially little bugs that are nocturnal and feed off human blood. They could bite a person and suck blood for 5 minutes and until they are full. My sister rented a house before that is infested with bed bugs. Her husband believed in the goat as a traditional method of getting rid of bed bugs.  The goat is tied near the house and the smell of the goat drives the bed bugs away.  I am pretty sure it worked because the bed bugs were soon eliminated.

But, tying a goat is ridiculous nowadays, especially if you live in the urban area.  If u detect bed bugs infestation, here is a web site about exterminating bedbugs. This would perfectly eliminate bedbugs away. Try it by clicking www.bedbugsguide.com.

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