Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Computer Bog Down

Now i realize it is really hard to be without a computer.  My office computer booged down just when i need it most.  There are still a lot of preparations, which need the easy facilitation of computer.  Oh, i will be damned. I can't believe a 6-month old computer can bog down that fast.  The motherboard according to the computer store technnician, when the cpu was returned to the store where it was bought,  needs to be replaced and the fastest is after one week because it has still to be shipped from manila.  Anyway, i have been requesting other offices in the lgu for the use of their computers.  I am glad that they are not so busy right now because the people will be busy for their fiesta celebration.  My staff will be staying before the ir computer in the meantime for the hand-outs encoding.

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