Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fight Against Poverty through Access to Potable Water

Water is a necessity in every household. I am speaking here of potable water, that is, safe for drinking. The scarcity of potable drinking water in households bring about chain of negative effects to mankind like poverty and health problems. During the United Nations Summit, one millenium development goal the country representatives of the United Nations vowed to address was to eliminate poverty and hunger. Poverty and hunger is a global problem. The members of the United Nations decided to collectively fight this widespread problem as against solving it singlehandedly by each affected nation. Corollarily, potable water problem is directly related, among many possible interventions, to eradicate poverty and hunger.

In the Philippines, the Philippine Agenda of the present Administration allocated a substantial amount of money to provide access to potable water in every household, even up to the remotest areas of the nation. There are grants and subsidies from the United Nations granted to the national and local government units here to aid in providing accesible potable water. It is expected that in the few years to come, incidences of water related health problems will be lowered if not eliminated mostly from people in the hinterlands.

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