Monday, May 12, 2008

Frontier Movie in Theaters and DVDs

I am an avid fan of horror movies.  Recently i watched, along with my kids, the Frontier(s) movie trailer at I can tell that it is really a very fantastic movie, an action- thriller packed entertainment.  The plot is breathtaking. The frontier(s) movie has been showed on May 9 and is still showing in favorite movie theaters.  If you want to view the movie, well, it isn't late.  Try to view from  select theater listings, and check on the nearest theater near you and the time where you can view the complete showing of the movie.  However, if you really can not make it due to more pressing matters, grab a DVD of the movie Frontier, which will be released starting May 13. 

Watch Frontier and witness this very controversial movie of the year.  It has uncut scenes of the movie.  Most of all, be triggered why behind its being an unrated movie, it still went to the theaters unlike most unrated movies.  

I can't wait to grab a DVD of this movie so i can watch at home with my kids. How about you? Enjoy and relax and see a movie, watch Frontier.
Sponsored by Frontier(s)

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