Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Frontier Movie, A Would-Be Top Rated Horror Movie

Leisure time for a working mother like me is quality time with the family.  We go on vacation trips but most of the times this could be so costly.  But for sure, for whatever it costs it is always worth it when i see the gleaming faces of my children whenever i would announce a family get away. Another leisure time we normally spend with is watching movies at home.  We are altogether fans of horror movies. I like it when the horror novels i read are transformed into movies.  We would watch movies on rented DVDs or from our own DVD collection.  Most of my movie collections are horror movies.  The 5 top most horror movies we have viewed so far are The Mummy 1 and 2, The Jaws, House of Wax, Resident Evil and the Grudge.  I am showing below a movie poster for the House of Wax.

I am looking forward to another top most movie soon to open in  select theater listings and this is the movie Frontier.  Pretty sure, this would be a top horror movie of the year. I wish we could view it over wide screen theaters on May 9 but we just can't. I will try to buy a DVD then on this movie Frontier, which are to be out on May 13.  This would be a great pre-birthday treat for me.  
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