Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Frontier-A Must See Movie


I watched the trailer of the Movie Frontier(s) at www.frontiersunrated.com. I viewed it alone in the house last night and my gosh, the opening salvo was so fantastic!  The movie trailer alone is so scary that viewing it alone here at night really sends me goosebumps.  It is unrated and uncut in selected theaters. I am triggered because it is first time for me to hear such an unrated movie.  No doubt it is dubbed as a controversial one.

Watching scary, horror movies is my turf.  I enjoy watching them especially in big screens. There is a whole lot of difference in viewing horror movies from a big screen in theaters than in home screens.  But, i still love to watch movies in my home screen through DVDs.  I watch movies almost three times.  For this movie Frontier, i regret that i don't live in the US.  It is showing in theaters starting May 9.  But, i cheer up because i can own my own DVD for movie Frontier unrated and cut.  It will be available on May 13 already.  Anyway, for those who would want to view this movie over widescreen, check it out in select theater listings.  See, which one is closest to you and if you would go check out the movie or not.

For me here, i will grab the original DVD of this Frontier movie and i will watch it at home together with my children who are themselves fanatics of horror movies.  I am sure they would like this one, and i am pretty sure we would view this movie over and over again.

This movie Frontier(s) is really worth viewing.  It is receiving remarkable and fantastic reviews.  I am sure this would be an award winning scary movie of the year.
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JeFf & NoVa said...

'ty for the tag sis. nah wa ko'y camera sis.aw naa diay ko celfone.will try a shot.pero not now sa ha? beauty jud ka sis with or without that lipstick.'

- sige lang ba.. kanang imong cp nlng kuwai... kay diba lingaw? tapos spread nimo para pud makita nimo mga kissable lips nila...

hehehehehe.. happy tuesday blogging

Pretty Life Online said...

hmmmm, interesting one! Hope to see you in my corner got something for you....


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