Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Signed Up For Social Spark

Good news to fellow bloggers who are looking for ways to earn money from their blogs.  Recently, IZEA launched its new developed website, the IZEA SocialSpark. It is creating a buzz among bloggers  and advertisers.

Bloggers may monetize their blog with Social Spark. Simply sign up an at least 90 days old blog and with at least 20 pre-existing posts written within the 90-day period.  Once approved the blogger may start taking opportunities in the marketplace menu.

Aside from earning money, social spark also allows bloggers to reach out to other users in SocialSpark, and build community.  This would build traffic to one's blog and increase web page rank in the process. 

There are code of ethics bloggers have to abide with.  Social spark enjoins bloggers to subject their blog to post disclosures, to be transparent and to express only the real opinions as advertisers and readers can easily detect fraudulent and dishonest statements.   A search engine friendly posts are likewise encouraged by social spark to its bloggers.

Is it not interesting to join social spark?  Yeah, it is.  That's why when i first heard about Social Spark i immediately clicked on their website at  Not to brag about it, but my blog was immediately approved by social spark. I like it here because there are detailed reviews upon your post by fellow bloggers and or advertisers.  Being a member of the social spark is a great privilege. Join now.
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freakazoid said...

certainly, a good news for all of us. ;)

Mr. Nice Guy said...

Nice post ms body beautiful plus cute face lol. By the way where did you get the disclosure badge at the end of your post.


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