Wednesday, May 7, 2008

IZEA Social Spark

There is a recent website development from IZEA PayPerpost called IZEA Social Spark. It works beneficiallly to both bloggers and advertisers.  I signed up to it recently and submitted my blog for approval.  Luckily, my blog was approved.  If you will ask me what will i benefit as a blogger from signing up with SocialSpark?   My answer is, a lot and a lot, lot more. First, it will help me increase traffic to my blog.  Secondly, it will help hone my writing skills.  Thirdly, and the most gratifying of it all, is i will get to earn out of the reviews, opinions, and buzz on products marketed by advertisers.  

I signed up in socialspark as missbodybeautiful. Upon my blog's approval, i immediately received friends requests from an advertiser and from fellow bloggers. I updated myself on their profiles and one profile i came to like is that of makinthe This tackles on techniques for making money online, and i think this is just right for me.

It is so easy to sign up with social spark.  Just log to its website at I like the way social spark bids its posts, because the pay out is transparent including the information if you qualify or not. However, in its submit page, i wish that all the requirements for the post such as the links and anchor text will be enumerated all in that submit page.  

Socialspark is a rather unique web developed by IZEA  as it there are three three main types of Marketplace Opportunities: sponsored posts, blog sponsorship and spark. If you want to know more of what i am talking about, visit their website i cited above.  Wait no more, this is a big opportunity knocking at your door.  Grab it!   

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