Friday, May 9, 2008

May 8 Tolosa Fiesta

Tolosa celebrated its annual fiesta on May 8 in honor of the patron saint, St. Michael.  As is the traditional way of starting the day, a pontifical mass highlighted the day's occasion.  Most fiesta goers would attend mass first before going to the house for lunch at their preferred host house. There are some, though, who don't bother to attend the mass but go directly to the host house to eat and or drink.

Business went as usual in the municipal government of Tolosa.  It was a holiday for many who are celebrating the fiesta, and a working day for employees whose fiesta is outside May 8.    This is in contrast with Tacloban City because if it is fiesta day, all offices celebrate holiday, too and employees take their day off.

It was like a fiesta inside the municipal government offices as there were lots of food given by employees hosting the fiesta.  The employees and clients partake of the food, a once in a year sharing of the blessings received from the Almighty. 

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