Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Blogging Blues

I barely experienced the radiant shine of PPP over my blog. One day, i noticed the raining opportunites on my blog from PPP. Never felt so ecstatic with blogging than that time. Rosemarie told me to check on my blog's page rank. Alas, it was a heart throbbing PR3.  I was soaring in cloud 9 then.    But, no sooner than this ecstatic feeling was seeping through my nerves, i checked on my dashboard one day.  I thought i died, when i saw PR 0 on my google's page rank.  How could dawn move fast to twilight?  Why? Why? and Why?  I asked PPP, myself, and friends, why?  Have i done infractions to PPP? I felt so neglected.  Opportunites were rare after that, they go higher and lower, but, without anything for me.  What a sad plight over my blog.  I know PPP have a big heart for bloggers, like me.  I hope PPP opportunities will tip toe their ways back again to my blog.

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