Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My First Love

Music has always been my first love.  Mother used to tell me that i was a darling of the neighborhood way back when i was a kid.  When i was told to sing and dance, i would do so without much fuss.  I have a blind uncle who is so talented in singing. He is excellent likewise in playing different kinds of music instruments despite his handicap.  As a kid, I was always with my uncle singing as he strum the guitar.  In my elementary years, i joined and won in several singing contests.  I like the songs of Whitney Houston, Bette Meddler and local singers like Regine Velasquez.  At our office, I am a member of the office choir and i belong to the sopranos.    I used to be a member of the church choir, too.

I believe in psychology theories that people who are music lovers  tend to remember book passages songs, numbers or everything when they are sung.  Amen to these all because basically i am such. Until now, i am still a music lover.  My collections also include CDs of my favorite songs and singers. Music is my first and would be my last love, too. 

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JeFf & NoVa said...

nice... i do love music too... why dont you try for an audition sis... who knows diba?

was here doing my rounds... happy blogging.