Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Online Degrees in Business Management, Sales and Marketing

I have been working for almost 17 years in the government and i often hear my officemates say that if they only have an assurance that they could effectively manage a business, they would retire and go into business.  Why, government service is not a lucrative employment.  It is going into business where money making opportunities is a great possibility.  Plus, all the time in the world is one's own, unlike in the government service where one does not own his own time.  Time management will all depend upon the individual businessman.

But, i figure that venturing into business is not a suicide.  This will take a toll on the lives and properties of the one who is taking the risks in investing his own blood money.  Proper education and experience is necessary before taking the big leap to business.

Speaking of education here is a good news for professionals, students, and would be-businessmen who would want to go into business.  A degree in Business Management , Sales and Marketing can now be obtained online.  No more daily reporting to school, taking the buses and waking up early to avoid being late.  How to do it?  Simply visit http://www.kaplanopenlearning.org.uk and there is a guide on how to obtain the desired  Business Degree Online. Aside from the cited courses above, Kaplan also offers a degree on Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing.

I would surely update my officemates about this. This is a good opportunity for them that i would really recommend.


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