Thursday, May 29, 2008

Parental Responsibility for Schooling of Children

Sending children to school and affording them proper education to prepare them for a good future is a parental responsibility. This is just one of the basic needs parents should give to their children. I just don't know why some parents are bereft of this moral responsibility over their children. I have a househelp now and her age is just 13 years old. I pity her coz her mother insisted that she works with me. In dire need of a househelp i accepted her.  But i am thinking now if i could send her to night school classes so she can continue her schooling.  I can't understand why there are parents who do not sense an obligation over their siblings.  I guess, they should be reminded by the government by way of laws to make them responsible parents.

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Amor said...

It's sad that sometimes,parents are the one who insisted to their young children to work.Nah,sa iya edad dapat naga eskwela pa nang bata-a ba.Nice kaayo imo idea about night schooling Imelda.


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