Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Pre-Birthday Gift

Working hard is like prayers, according to the Regional Director who conferred the promotional appointment to seven of us at the provincial office.  Yes, you read it right. I was promoted in my job again after two years.  Hard work is paying off for me.  Like prayers, if one prays hard and does good works according to our RD, prayers are answered.  If one works hard, the supervisors will notice it and would give the promotion.  What a nice pre-birthday gift for me!  

I don't know if i will get another promotion in the next year or more, as the next promotional level is for provincial directorship already.  I will need to take and pass the  exam in the Civil Service to qualify for the next promotion.  This one is quiet tough, i dont think i am ready to take it yet.  Maybe after i graduate in my masteral studies this October.  Well, one at a time only.  According to the Bible, for each there is a time, and a season.  I will just work hard and time will do its part.     

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