Friday, May 30, 2008

Space-saver Automobile

The current trend in the modern world goes for "smaller" objects.  The smaller the object, the hippier.  Take for instance the sound system, the flash drive, the music player and many others.  It seems that everything in the world can be compacted while serving the same purpose, and far more better than its old replica.  

But not, with the multicab i rode on my way home similar to the one above.  It was a 12-capacity cab: two seats in the front, intended for the driver and one front passenger and ten seats behind. The ten seats are arranged at 5 seats to the left and 5 on the right, facing each other. There were ten medium-built passengers behind. Because there was a very limited space, the passengers knees touch each other.  I breath on my nose so as not to expand my chest. My hands were clasped together for lack of mobility space. I contend with my slanting position so as not to rub my knees further with the man infront of me. Thanks heavens, there were passengers who alighted after a kilometer away. I was able to breath freely, at last.

Small cars like the one above are fuel efficient and space savers.  However, passengers convenience are sacrificed. If i will complain, i might hear a retort like "Why not use your own car?" Oh yeah, why can't i?  The answer is fast and simple, i dont have a car, yet. 



Liza said...

waaah! pano kung puro matataba ang sumakay hahaha.

happy sunday!

Midas said...

I find small cars really cute, but I get all scared just thinking of driving one. With Texas highways, it would be my last choice to get a small vehicle...but this one's cute.


Jojo said...

This picture makes me remember the time when my husband was with me in a car like that. He is a big guy so his knees were touching somebody else's knees. He felt very uncomfortable but he said it was a very interesting & new experience to him.

Thank you for your recent visit in my blog. I hope you have a good day!


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