Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alternative to Computer Systems

Computers are considered to be of great use at home, offfices or businesss establishments. Its sytem is proven to be expedient in processing, storing and analyzing various documents.  Many are dependent on it.  In fact, my school has adopted the local area network (lan) connection, which can access documents from one department to another.  They have instaled this enrollment system with the end view of fast tracking enrollment and of providing comfort to students, saving them the hassle of walking from the graduate school to the administrative department which is quiet far.

However, the school encountered a computer problem this afternoon and unlucky me because i was affected. Was supposed to enroll but i have to go back again tomorrow because their server went off. The school obviously have no alternative courses of action if things like bogging down of server happens.   They are not practicing what they preach.  This is not at all management.  Anyway, i have no choice but to go back there again for my enrollment.  

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