Friday, June 6, 2008


Always having a periodic check on gas stoves for possible gas leaking is always important.  I never knew how important it is than just now.  There was a hose leaking in the gas stove connecting to the liquified petroleum gas.  Due to wear and tear, the hose had some perforations without my knowing it.  When niece opened it to cook rice, she never noticed that behind the stove it was also flaming. Good that my laundrywoman came in the kitchen and noticed the fire flaring behind the stove.  Trembling, she hurriedly turned off the stove, the gas tank and put in a wet rag to the already conflagrating hose.  In all these, my niece never noticed what was happening in the kitchen. I was squirming while she narrated the story. It happened eleven days ago.  All my niece told me while i was in the office was the hose of the gas stove needed to be replaced as it was just noticed by her to be leaking. I bought a replacement right away after i got home that day.  Never knew that had it not been for my laundrywoman, my children's lives would have been endangered and my house would have burned down. 

I read that it is ideal to replace the gas stove hose and gas regulator every two years.  I will always remember this, so as not to endanger again my children's lives and properties.


Allen's Darling said...

hi imelda please change the asawakomahalko yung URL -to-


JeFf & NoVa said...

hello te mels.. sige lang dear,, we will still gonna keep in touch, this time i wont be leaving absences on my blogging kay if naa na puhon ko didto, usa ra man katawo akong atimanon.. unya wala nko ka competition sa computer heheheh.. surely i'm going to miss it to death...

like you, i always double check among gas stove kay among working diri sa balay danghag jud kaayo ba... magpabaya ra jud..

murag akong gipangdala ra kay mga new clothes nlng jud nko sis, para di pud kaayo ko magsige buy didto kay kailangan mag tipid sa .. saon nlng ang wedding diha.. diba?

thanks for the visits and the comments sis ha? i really appreciate it jud ba.. *hugs*

Liza said...

hmmmmm, dangerous talaga yan. my mom and my son had an oven accident a few years back. they had 2nd and 3rd degree burns, buti na lang nagheal lahat ng affected areas.

btw, i have tagged you...

happy weekend.

Amor said...

Goodthing,nothing happened to to all you there.Delikado masyado.Ako talaga,parati kong tsini-check lahat yong stove lalo na ang iron din if naka off lahat.

Happy Sunday!