Thursday, June 26, 2008


Tacloban has a very festive air as it nears its June 30 fiesta. In the day, the plazas are with many trade fairs, almost all stores have the fiesta sale and everywhere buntings in technicolors hang overboard along streets.  At night, it seems the people don't sleep at all. There are many shows to watch upon, dances and musicals.  Famous local singers like Sheryn Regis, Jose Mari Chan, Jolina Magdangal and others have been here to stage shows.

Last night, my kids had a great night at the carnival. They enjoyed the rides, shows and games. 

                                Arjay (left) and Arjan (right) in the horseride. Ironically, at the entrance they asked money and bought these stuff they are wearing : horn for arjay and necklace with lighting cross pendant for Arjan.

This was the most spectacular show i ever saw live. Its the "Wall of Death". I was scared and all the time hold my breath for this magnificent man who drives the motorcycle around and up the wall. He later drove the toyota car and did the same driving up and around the wall. Whew, it was so dangerous, but he was a real pro! Bravo to him, my ticket to the show was surely worth it and even more.

The competition between the feuding politcal personalities in Tacloban and Leyte somehow brings good shows here and there in an effort to outsmart one from the other. Well, i wish this will only be a healthy competition, not one which would bring death doom. 

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JeFf & NoVa said...

hi te meldz.... musta na ka diha? sus, pagkapait no nga naa diay bagyo diha.. maayo nlng jud kaayo kay maayo si God nko, he let me get out sa PI first before that happens. that way di mahasul akong paglarga og mapending...and i'm glad nga i hope everything is okay...

this entry here is really amazing yet pretty much gets you closer to your death or accidents.

i'm sure this people will make sure that they will give you an entertainment instead of something else.


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