Thursday, June 12, 2008

Filipino Songs That Touch the Patriotic Sense of Filipinos

This morning before the short activity in my office was started, to commemorate the 11oth Philippine Independence, nationalisitc songs were played over the public address system.  I identified two songs like "Ako ay Pilipino" and "Ang Bayan Kong Pilipinas" among many other songs.  The lyrics and tune of the songs were so meaningful that i noticed everybody's sense of patriotism was touched.  Some were teary-eyed as they sang the Lupang Hinirang while the flag was hoisted.  Songs really have that magic touch in the senses of every man.  At that time, i was sure that everybody was united, political bickerings were momentarily forgotten and personal aggrandizement among elected officials were set aside. I salute the composers of these nationalistic songs.   

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aL|e said...

hello poh! :) kakaluungkot lang isipin na halos di na binibgya ng halaga ang mga kantang yan.


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